9 Winning Super Bowl Party Recipes

A Super Bowl party isn't complete without a variety of tasty appetizers and desserts. Today I’ve rounded up nine of my favorite touchdown-worthy, crowd-pleasing recipes. Everyone who shows up to root for the team will have something yummy to fill their tummy. /1/ Jack Daniels Whiskey Grilled Wings -  No football party is complete without wings. Give the traditional buffalo wings a break and give these a go. /2/ Honey-Balsamic BBQ Meatballs - Meatballs are a staple party food in my home. This recipe looks so sweet and sticky. YUM! /3/ Cinnamon Brown Sugar Bacon - Everyone loves bacon. This recipe gives it such a sweet twist! /4/ Pizza Dip - I love a good dip. Ooey-gooey, cheesy pizza dip is a perfect Super Bowl party dish! /5/ Creamy Baked Double Cheese … [Read more...]

Our Favorites – Blissfully Domestic – FOOD – 2014

So many great great FOOD stories this year.  We took a look back and wanted to share some of the ones we really liked - just in case you missed them!  We are looking forward to another great year of food, recipes, cooking ideas and tips and you! So, take a look…..  Our Favorites - Blissfully Domestic FOOD - 2014     How To Make Perfect Pinto Beans - There's nothing quite like a bowl of beans and ham on a winter's day.  This recipe will deliver great tasting beans with just the right texture! 20 Tailgating Recipes - Are you a football fan?  We love these take-a-long/make on site menu items for the big games! Easy Tex-Mex Chicken - Everyone needs a simple chicken dish that the family loves.  Put this one together quickly for a real crowd … [Read more...]

Ten Best Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

While I am a huge fan of football, when it comes to the Super Bowl, I am always looking forward to the commercials. While we all have our yearly favorites such as the E*TRADE Baby or any commercial with the Budweiser Clydesdales, companies still go out of their way every year to make the best Super Bowl Commercial. While the competition is huge and the stakes are high, here are my choices for the Top Ten Best Super Bowl Ads Of All Time. Did yours make the cut? 10. Mountain Dew's Bad Cheetah - 1999 9. Wassup - 2000 8. Kia Joyride - 2010 7. Wendy's Where's the Beef - 1984 6. Pepsi Cola Security Camera - 1996 5. Old Spice - 2010 4. Doritos Sling baby - 2012 3. Snickers Betty White - 2010 2. Budweiser Frogs - 1995 1. … [Read more...]