7 Back-to-School Teacher’s Gifts

We received a postcard in the mail yesterday informing us that middle school orientation is only weeks away. Like, three weeks. How did the summer go by so quickly? The countdown is on and back-to-school shopping and preparation is eminent. As with each school year, I enjoy sending my kids with gifts for the new teachers. I think it's a way to tell the teacher on day one that you appreciate all that they will be doing for your children five days a week for the next nine months. Today I've gathered 7 Back-to-School Teacher's Gift ideas that go beyond the traditional 'apple for teacher'. /1/ Apples Teacher's Gift Basket - I know I said these gifts would go beyond 'apples for teacher' but, this one is different. This basket is filled with all things apple scented or flavored. A fun … [Read more...]

DIY Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teachers spend so much time with your children. While we may appreciate what they are doing and how they are contributing to  these kids, we don't often get the opportunity to say "Thank You". I love sending small gifts throughout the school year for my children's teachers. The gift doesn't have to be large or expensive. Teachers just love to hear they're appreciated in some way. Did you know that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week at your child's school? The first full week of May is the designated week to love on your child's teacher. You could send a small gift each day of the week or one gift on any of the days. {Really, you could send a gift ANY day of the year to tell Teacher you appreciate her!} Today I've gathered a few ideas that are a snap to put together. They're super … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Teacher’s Gifts for Every Budget

How do you make sure, from day one, that your child is Teacher's Pet?  You send a teacher's gift on the first day, of course! We're all on a budget these days. Don't let the idea of a teacher's gift make you put a Master Lock on your wallet.  You can give an impressive "thanks for teaching my student" token of appreciation for as little as a couple of dollars.  Really.  Keep reading. /1/ A Succulent Garden - This succulent garden will be special on day one of the school year and beyond. /2/ Let's Kick Off this Year with a Splash! - Fill a child's {new} rain boot with a few of teacher's essentials and maybe even a gift card to offset her expenses. This gift she'll surely get a kick out of! /3/ Teacher Subway Art - Here's a super simple gift idea that will cost you very … [Read more...]