Family Vacations to Ireland

Visiting Ireland - With Kids I could fill a blog with why Ireland is a terrific place to take your family. Oh wait, I already do. I began writing Ireland with Kids a year ago to share my family's passion for travel to Ireland and to showcase just how family friendly it is. Since the most Irish of all holidays is nearly upon us I thought now would be a perfect time to share some tips and debunk some myths about family travel to Ireland. 5 Reasons Ireland is an Amazing Family Travel Destination The Irish speak English. Ireland is a terrific country to introduce your children to Europe mainly because the Irish speak English with the most beautiful accent in the world. Road signs are in both Irish and English to keep you on the correct path (and driving on the “wrong side” of the … [Read more...]

I Spy Bags

Want to keep your kids quiet in the car? Want to keep them quiet period?? Then you have got to get one of these little bags of bliss! They’re called I Spy bags and you’re kids will love them. They are little bean bags with a plastic window in the front. The kids read the list (or look at the pics) of items printed on the back and manipulate the bag to find the items through the window. Sheer Genius I tell you. My son loves playing I Spy when we drive but sometimes when I drive I have to pay attention ya know? So I started collecting little doodads around the house and saving some of the little things he collects (that we never have anything to do with) to put inside. Here's what you need to make one of these. 2-8 inch squares of flannel 4 inch piece of plastic, about 4mm … [Read more...]