How to get Sharpie Marker off the Wall

Four Ways to Get Sharpie or Permanent Marker off a Wall Few things are as difficult to remove from the wall as permanent marker. But when junior marks up your foyer with sharpies, don’t fear; it can be remedied. Here are some things you’ll likely find around the house that you can use to remove the so called permanent marks from the wall. • Hand Sanitizer Gel • Rubbing Alcohol • Acetone Nail Polish Remover • Hairspray All of the above solvents are pretty harsh and will also remove the paint from your walls if you aren’t careful. … [Read more...]

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How to Decorate with Picture Frames

Picture Frames. We use picture frames  to display photos of loved ones, they surround the artwork on our walls, and perhaps a favorite drawing from the kids. But they can be so much more than that! Frames can be decor in and of themselves...and if you think outside of the box, you can really pack a huge design punch with them. Plus, you can pick them up at a second-hand store for next to nothing, so these looks don't have to break the bank! I love this look; frames of all different sizes and styles arranged beautifully. There are even a couple of empty ones in there, helping to balance the white space and making sure that the whole look doesn't get too busy. Great look from That Funky Boutique! I've always wanted to try this...hang artwork and frames from a bookshelf. … [Read more...]

Beautiful Wall Collages

I'm completely intrigued with well designed wall collages.  I think they are so beautiful!  Here are some tutorials and inspiration what you can do with your bare walls. There are a lot of you home decor enthusiasts that will love Kim's tip. She spray painted these plates to get a matching set for her wall decor. There are several great decorating ideas on  This is a great collage that can be used for any large wall space. Here is Shannon's tutorial on how to create your own wall art.  It's super easy using canvas purchased at a craft store, paint, and scrapbook paper, and modge podge. What a great way to fill up a large wall. You could even do this and include black & white pictures of your kiddos. This is my "Boys will be Boys" wall going up … [Read more...]