How To Make Window Cornice Boxes

Learn how to make window cornice boxes and you’ll create a whole new look for your windows and spice up your décor at the same time. Cornice boxes are a simple but very effective way to add a tailored and classy look to your windows. They’re easy to make and can be covered with any color and texture of fabric your heart desires. Cornices are rigid, boxlike frames created from a lightweight particleboard or plywood. Cornice boxes sit at the top of a window as sort of a “valance”. It’s easy to customize cornice boxes with fabric, paint, and wallpaper so they fit your style and décor. How to Make Cornice Boxes for Your Windows You’ll love this simple do-it-yourself project once you figure out how easy it is to make window cornice boxes. You’ll also save quite a bit by building the boxes … [Read more...]