Refurbished Side Chair, Painted Snowbound White

The Holidays are quickly approaching and it's crunch time. Decorating our home for the holidays takes time, but it's a lot of fun. I don't just take out Thanksgiving and replace with our Christmas decorations. I go beyond like painting, decorating, designing something new, and I even refurbish furniture to make the old look new again. I decided to refurbish this cute side chair that was in my shop for months now. I needed something, a chair to anchor our living space together and new this side chair would be perfect. A chair that can be placed off to the side when not in use. I added a cute chevron patterned lumbar pillow for a designer look. I love this pillow, it's exactly what I was looking for. Simple in design, but adds texture to the space. Made from 100% cotton, I think I need to … [Read more...]

8 Upcycled Tables

Love me some upcycling, y'all. And these tables are crazy clever. Best part? I definitely could create at least some of these in an afternoon. Now I just need to find a spare afternoon. There are styles for every home...from modern to traditional to funky and eclectic. Which is your favorite? 1.)  Industrial Coffee Tables by Giddy Upcycle. 2.) Box Side Table by Decor Simple. 3.)  Hand Painted Turquoise Teal Upcycled Table with Birds  by Meredith Brooks Etsy. 1.) Library Card File Drawers by The Painted Hive. 2.) Book Table found on Ebay (too bad it's sold!). 3.)  Vintage Pinball Machine by Custom Made. 1.) Upcycled Vintage Yardstick Table by DIY Cozy Home. 2.) Upcycled Chair to Side Table by The Happier Homemaker. Have an upcycled table you've created? Or are … [Read more...]

12 Awesome Upcycled Pallet DIY Projects

Love upcycling? Me, too! Like the adorable wall art above; it's fun and rewarding to take what could be a throwaway object and morph it into a new, beautiful work of art. But old pallets and box crates can take on many lives...the things people make with them can be downright creative, functional and inspiring. You'd never suspect some of these gorgeous items used to hold huge bags of feed grain off of barn floors. Like what? See below! They look like a million bucks, but they are really incredibly creative re-purposing of wooden boxes and/or pallets. 1.)  DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Table by the Wonder Forest. 2.)  Rolling Toy Box by Camelot Art Creations.  3.)  Pallet Wood Floating Shelves by Paint Speckled Pawprints. Chill outdoors in style. Pallet style.  1.)  Paracord Laced … [Read more...]

Easy Pallet Art

There is a lot of beautiful pallet decor out to be found, especially on Pinterest. After spending way too much time stalking my favorite boards, I decided I wanted to add a beachy distressed piece to the wall in my living room. If you have access to reclaimed wood pallets, you can skip some of the supplies listed and jump right into the priming and painting step of the tutorial. Our home has many shades of blue that gravitate toward navy, turquoise, and aqua. Supplies for diy pallet art: Two 1"x4"x10' 1.25" screws Clamp Drill and bit set. Metal objects to distress the wood. (hammer, chain, etc) Craft paint in your favorite color for stenciling Stencil or I cut out letters that I printed Spray Paint- combination paint and primer is useful in this case, I used … [Read more...]

Quote Board Wall Art You can Make Yourself

My husband and I recently purchased a new house. A new house means total bedroom makeover for me. We have been living in apartments for the past five years, and I have never really done anything in the decorating department. I am so making up for that now! I have seen these large graphic signs all over online and I had to have one for the large empty space over our bed. This can be a time consuming project and I highly recommend a helper as some of the steps can prove quite difficult to do by yourself. With all that being said a huge shout out goes to my wonderful husband as this project would be trashed and I would be a ball of pregnant tears without all his help! It ended up being a really fun couple’s project! Supplies to Gather: 1. A large piece of finished grade wood. For my … [Read more...]

Halloween Blocks – DIY Holiday Home Decor

You will need: a 2x4 wooden board, about 2 feet long for 5 letters; black craft paint; Mod Podge; 2 foam paint brushes; black letters to spell your Halloween word of choice; several patterns of Halloween scrapbooking paper; embellishments and ribbon After you have cut your wooden board into random lengths (these range from 4 1/2 inches to 2 inches), paint the entire block black. Trace your blocks onto the Halloween scrapbooking paper and cut out. These letters were made using a Cricut machine. Or you can use any other black paper letters. Mod Podge only the backside of the paper and stick it to the front of the block. If you are applying any embellishments to your letters, attach the embellishment to the letter first, then Mod Podge the back of your letters. Or you can use … [Read more...]