29 DIY Halloween Crafts and Decor

It’s that time of year...football games, fall festivals and of course, Halloween. We've got 29 crafts and DIY projects to keep you and your little goblins busy. DIY Drilled Pumpkin Drilling a pumpkin... an idea I wish I had thought of first, brilliantly executed on Curbly. Halloween Countdown This Halloween Countdown is a little more involved than some of the other crafts featured here, but it’s a statement piece for your front porch (or living room) that is worth your time investment. Thank you, I Heart Naptime! Chalkboard Paint Mason Jar Labels I am in love with mason jars - there are just so many great uses for them! Try out these mason jars with chalkboard paint labels from Untrained Housewife for your Halloween party or just for a great … [Read more...]

Luck of The Irish Wreath

Whether you’re Irish or not, you have to love St. Patrick’s Day! I always look forward to the gold-foil chocolate candy coins, but the pinching is something I do my best to avoid. When March 17th rolls around, you better be wearing green or you’re bound to get pinched. To ward off any happy pinchers, I made this Luck of The Irish Wreath to hang on my front door. As long as the wreath is hanging, anyone in my home on St. Patrick’s Day is safe from being pinched. However, once they leave my home, that’s an entirely different story. What you need to make this wreath: 18” Wire Wreath Form Gold Twist Ties, 21” Green Deco Mesh Wreath St. Patrick’s Day Ribbon Foil Clover Garland Hot Glue Gun Plastic Glitter Shamrocks Plastic Gold Coins Wreath Door … [Read more...]

Holiday Wreaths that Dazzle

'Tis the season to dress your front door up with a fancy, new Holiday wreath. The big box stores all seem to have very similar wreaths for sale. They are either green or red or a combination of the two colors. What if your decor isn't just green and red? What if you aren't able to find a wreath in stores that expresses your personal decorating style? The perfect solution is to make your own! Today I have a handful of tutorials on Holiday wreaths that can let your guests see just how fun and quirky, rustic and woodsy or somewhere in between you are. /1/ Pom Pom Wreath - Did you make pom-pom's when you were a kid? Remember, you wrapped and wrapped yarn around a piece of cardboard, tied it off and then cut it to reveal a fluffy, yarn pom-pom. Now, you can buy pom-pom making kits in craft … [Read more...]

How To Make A Colored Burlap Wreath

 I am quite positive this won't be the first burlap wreath tutorial you've seen. And it probably won't even be your last. So to stand out and give you more bang for your buck, today I'm not only going to show you how to make a festive COLORED burlap wreath of your own but I'm also going to show you how to make it work double duty. I'll show you what I mean by double duty in just for a moments, but let's get started on your wreath shall we? Supplies: Metal Wreath Form Floral Wire Burlap Topper Bow Ribbon/Burlap I used a 16" metal form, and my lime green burlap ribbon came 10 yards per roll, and you can see I used two rolls. I'll be honest, I could've used a little bit of a third roll but it was leftover burlap from a craft goodie bag and I was determined to make it work so I … [Read more...]

Easy Patriotic Wreath {a tutorial}

Summertime is easily my most favorite time of year to decorate.  The color combination of red, white and blue are so festive...and make me so proud to be an American!  Of course, it only makes sense to start decorating from the outside so our guests feel welcomed before they even ring the doorbell.  This Easy Patriotic Wreath is going to look great on your front door! {Did I mention it's easy?} A couple of months ago I shared with you a Simple Spring Wreath tutorial. Do you remember that we used no hot glue? There was actually no glue whatsoever. All of our tulle was secured with straight pins. So, go ahead, go grab that old Spring Wreath off of your front door, remove all of the chevron tulle and flowers and let's reuse the wreath form and burlap ribbon. That's right! We can eliminate … [Read more...]

Simple Spring Wreath {a tutorial}

April showers have brought about the inspiration for some Spring flowers...in wreath form. All of the supplies needed for this wreath were purchased at my nearby Hobby Lobby. {I'm sure you can find the supplies at any local arts and crafts store. Don't forget to use your 40% off coupons to save some cash!} Best part, this wreath was complete from start to finish in less than one hour! Ready to get started? Gather your supplies. You'll need a straw wreath form {leave the plastic wrap on, it's less messy that way.}, one roll of burlap ribbon, one roll of pink chevron tulle ribbon, one roll of green chevron tulle ribbon, five burlap rose flower picks, a pair of scissors and a few straight pins {no hot glue. YAY!}. Begin by wrapping your wreath form with the burlap ribbon. Secure … [Read more...]