Tried-and-True Thank You Notes

A little note can make such a difference! There are many reasons why thank you notes are so great. The note doesn’t have to be complicated. I know, I know….We are busy. We don’t always have cards on hand. There’s always an excuse. The truth is it only takes about five minutes to write a note. (I actually timed writing one the other day!) Plus, today we can also find modern ways to express gratitude. The most important part of the thank you is to let a person know how much his or her generosity or kindness is appreciated. Let’s make an effort and teach our children why thank you notes are important. Why write a thank you note? Do you still hang on to thoughtful thank you notes? In our hectic lives, when someone takes the time to send you a little gratitude it means so much! And … [Read more...]

Using Your Garden Journal to Plan a Better Garden

Every winter I end up suggesting somewhere or another that January is a great time to start a garden journal or notebook to record everything during the entire primary growing season. The new year is an obvious place to start one not only because it's the beginning of the calendar year, but because it also happens to be the pre-garden season. The records of what you were planning on growing in the garden, and where, and when you were going plant them is the beginning of a personalized custom book custom made for you. At first, garden journals may seem like extra nit-picky work at a time when your garden needs you most. But there are some excellent reasons for taking a little extra time to jot down some important notes. After a couple of years, your garden journal will become a valuable … [Read more...]