How to Make Felt Coffee Cup Sleeves

If you're anything like me, you're indulging in a lot of hot beverages during these winter months. Instead of using disposable paper sleeves for your to-go cups, why not make a Felt Coffee Cup Sleeve to use again and again? It's a quick, easy, and useful craft that allows your creativity to run wild! I'll share the basics and then suggest some fun alternatives. DIY Materials: Felt (available in many colors for about 25 cents a sheet) Hot glue gun Scissors Pen or marker Disposable coffee cup DIY Instructions: 1. Remove the paper sleeve from your cup. Place onto the felt you want to use, and trace around it. 2. Cut out the felt sleeve. Then, if you want to use more than one layer or color of felt and want the first layer to show behind it, cut another sleeve slightly … [Read more...]

How To Make Marble Magnets

Marble magnets are fun to make as gifts, favors, or Easter-basket stuffers. If you read a lot of magazines, marble magnets are a great way to make further use of them before tossing them in the recycling bin. You can create sets with any theme you can think of, or none at all. Disclaimer: this craft is addictive! DIY Materials: - Flat-bottomed glass marbles, available at most craft and garden stores. I prefer clear glass, but feel free to experiment with colors! - Small round magnets, also available at craft stores - Clear silicone glue - Scissors - Pen or pencil - Old magazines, old books, scrapbook paper, even a thin fabric... any pretty material that appeals to you! DIY Instructions: 1. Select a picture or pattern. Place a marble over the image to make sure you like the … [Read more...]