Mother’s Day from

This is my family. My mother gave birth to us four girls. She stayed at home and raised us while my father provided for the family. Together, she and my father shaped us into well-rounded and independent young women. I'm so thankful. I'm not sure how my mother managed to be such a wonderful mother of four children, but she did it with such grace and love. She taught me so many great lessons of how to take care of people and to be responsible, that becoming a mother myself has come easy for me. You see, I was the first grandbaby in my parents' families and I'm sure I got my fair share of loving. Being the first grandbaby, Liam is getting oodles of loving too.   I'm so thankful to have such young and loving parents who are now amazing grandparents to my son. That's why this Mother's Day, I … [Read more...]

Healthier Queso Dip

Healthy isn't the first thing you think of when you hear queso, right? Well, in this case the queso is almost screaming healthy...except you can't hear it. You see, the queso doesn't taste healthy, but it's packed with veggies and has no heavy cream or butter! Just a little cheese and a secret ingredient. Drum roll, please. The secret to this healthier queso is cauliflower! With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, we don't want to spoil our diets with queso. So my challenge to you is to give this queso a try and be sure not to reveal our little secret until everyone has tried it! [sc:adsense ] Healthier Queso Dip adapted from Girl Makes Food Ingredients 1 head of cauliflower, chopped into florets 1 1/2 cups water 1 chicken or vegetable bouillon cube 8 ounces … [Read more...]

Ants on a Log {Earth Day}

I think almost every kid has had an Ants on a Log as a snack at one point or another (Well, I guess not the peanut allergy prone. Almond butter?). I can't even begin to count the number I had as a kid. Shoot, it's even a great mommy snack, now! This tasty snack is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day! Completely inspired by all things living, you can make it a lesson about life and saving our planet. It's a great interactive snack, too. You can prep the celery with the peanut butter and have your kids put the raisins (ants) on the log! For the more adventurous, you can practice counting the ants as they hop on the log and hop off into those bellies! [sc:adsense ] Ants on a Log Ingredients celery, cleaned and trimmed creamy peanut butter raisins How-To Make sure … [Read more...]

Flourless Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'll be the first to admit that baking is an art and sometimes you have bad days and bad paintings. Today is a van Gogh. These cookies are a masterpiece that can only be described by Booringue. Let me explain. Instead of calling these cookies Flourless Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, I thought it'd be fun to boost the creativity to match the art of these cookies. Booringue (pronounced Boo - rang) is where brownie meets cookie meets meringue. The instant you bite into one of these cookies, you get a glimpse of the meringue-like texture of the outside, crunchy and light. Dig a little deeper into your bite and you've got a moist and gooey center reminiscent of a brownie hot out of the oven. Lastly, these delights are cookies, so that's that. You must make these cookies and fast! … [Read more...]

5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Beets

Beets have such a bad rep, but they are such a versatile vegetable. Or is it a root? Whatever it is, you can do some pretty neat things with them! Are you ready to see five amazing things you can do with beets? 1. Chocolate Beet Cake from Pastry Affair I can officially say that making a cake out of beets makes it delectably moist without even a hint of beet flavor. Kristin makes this chocolate cake look incredible. The only way you'd ever know it was made with beets is by the beautiful powdered sugar artistry on the top! 2. Beet Stamp by Edible Perspective Even if you don't like the taste of beets, you can still be quite creative with them! Ashley teaches us how to hand carve a beet to make sweet homemade cards. What a great conversation starter that card will be! 3. Baked … [Read more...]

Chocolate Nest Desserts for Easter

Nothing says Easter like chocolate bird's nests. Yes, that may sound a little cruel, but it's certainly better than eating a poor little chocolate bunny, right? This collection of chocolate nest desserts come in all shapes and sizes. Which one do you like best? Take your pick! 1. Chocolate Thumbprint Nests by The Curvy Carrot These thumbprint chocolate cookies have the perfect shape that is fit for chocolate eggs. Their chocolate sprinkle covered coating makes them look so authentic! 2. Easter Nest Chocolate Doughnuts by Baking Me Something Good Baked doughnuts are probably the most delicious and healthified thing I've ever seen. Covering them with decorative frosting to make them 'nest-like' is just perfect! 3. No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Robins' Nests … [Read more...]