5 Easy Butterfly Crafts For Kids

Spring is in the air, and with Spring comes Spring break. Butterfly craft projects are a great Spring themed activity you can do with the kids when they are home for the holidays. Here are 5 easy butterfly crafts you can complete with your kids this Spring break: Clothes Pin Butterfly: This fun activity creates a beautiful butterfly with just a few household items and a dash of creativity. This project by Allison from Alli 'N Sons will delight children ages 2 and up.  Click here for the directions. Bug Buddies: Is your little one obsessed with bugs? Well he or she will love this project idea that involves making all kinds of insects (butterflies, caterpillars, etc). Click here for the directions. Butterfly Feet: I love footprint craft ideas, and this one by Amanda is so … [Read more...]

5 Mother’s Day Craft Projects For Kids

Mother's Day is getting closer. I know this because I can already feel the euphoria of being able to sleep in and possibly get breakfast in bed served to me by my two little men. Since Mother's Day is coming I thought it might be fun to do some Mother's Day inspired crafts with my boys. I found some great Mother's Day craft project ideas across the web, and I am going to share them with you! Colorful Celery Bouquet by April. Project Directions Can be found here. Photo Source: April's Little Family. Beauty Mask Craft by Disney Family Fun. Click here for instructions. Photo Source: Disney Family Fun. Mom 'n' Me Wooden Spoons Mother's Day Craft by Kaboose. Click here for instructions. Photo Source: Kaboose Silhouettes Mother's Day Craft by Free Kids Crafts. Click here for … [Read more...]

The Harvest Party: A Halloween Party Alternative

Across the country as parents gear up for the Halloween season, many are trying to figure out an alternative to the typical Halloween party. Perhaps, another child in the class is already hosting a Halloween themed party or maybe you would just like an alternative to the spooky, scary themes that come with a Halloween party. A good alternative to the Halloween party is the Harvest party. The following are a few tips for hosting a Harvest party of your own: Harvest Party Decorations Decor for your Harvest party can be as simple as a few well-placed pumpkins and autumn leavesor any other fall decor that you can find at local craft stores. Harvest themed items such as pumpkins, gourds and autumn leaves can even be found in the produce and floral sections of your local grocery … [Read more...]