Florastor Care From the Inside Out

Thank you Florastor® Daily Probiotics for sponsoring this post. Visit your local retailer to pick up your bottle of Florastor®Daily Probiotics to complement your active lifestyle!   In the last day or so my social streams have really been populated with conversations about getting healthy, getting in shape, staying in shape. It seems I am not the only one who find the summer season NOT the holiday season to be the time when I really slack off on exercise and eating right!   In summer, the school routine is gone and as everything relaxes and the heat outside seems too much to bear for exercise we all find that maybe we’ll “just skip a day or so” and that unfortunately, it becomes weeks!  So now school is back in session and its time to kick start your exercise and … [Read more...]

Community Gardening – Summer Maintenance and Harvest of a Square Foot Garden

Hurry up and wait.  That’s what this first month of the garden has been.  After planning and building and filling the raised bed, there was plant purchases and reading and actual planting.   Now we wait.  Planting in late May, we chose to skip seeding for the most part and chose organic plants to transplant into the bed. The good news – almost all of them have taken hold.  We did lose the cilantro almost immediately – this wasn’t much of a surprise as I’ve never had much luck with cilantro even in containers on the back porch.   We built a trellis for the cucumbers and staked the tomatoes. With tomatoes, you ultimately have 2 varieties – determinate and indeterminate.  Basically – those are plants that will either produce one time a set amount (determinate) or continue to produce … [Read more...]

Fresh From Florida – Watermelon Fizz

(Sponsored) This post is sponsored by Fresh From Florida – but all thoughts and opinions and experiences are my own. Fresh From Florida – Watermelon Fizz   Are you looking for something just a bit different than the standard summer beverages? Something easy to make but with “wow” factor? I’ve got just the thing – Watermelon Fizz I found this recipe on the Fresh From Florida website. If you are looking for new great ways to use all that delicious produce you are buying at the grocery or farmers market, be sure to check it out. Tons of different ideas and easy to search by the ingredient – all with Florida produced items in mind. Florida produces much more than the citrus we all automatically think of, and it’s long growing season means that shoppers all over the country … [Read more...]

Fresh From Florida!

Memorial Day Weekend. It’s the official kick-off to Summer activities (even though in Florida its felt like summer for weeks!) and to me one of the first things I think of when I think summer is food.   BBQs, picnics at the lake, snacks at the beach; we all love the fresh foods and the being outdoors time that summer brings.   When you are putting together a menu and a shopping list, do you think about where those ingredients are coming from? When you live in the Northeast and you need a watermelon in May, it’s not coming from a local farm. What about if you need corn or tomatoes? To procure those items, you need produce coming from a place with a head start on the growing season – Florida.   Florida's great weather means longer growing season and an … [Read more...]

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Critters And DIY Woodpecker Deterrent Project

I have a house in the "country" - it's really the suburbs but does back up to some woods. A great get away. A chance to enjoy nature and everything that comes with it - and I do mean EVERYTHING.   Deer. Aww they are so cute right? Not when they are eating all your landscaping. Chipmunks. Chip and Dale is not what comes to mind when they are digging holes under your patio. Mice. I actually don’t know anyone that likes mice. Woodpeckers. It’s not Woody the Woodpecker and no one is laughing when they drill holes on the side of your house. [sc:adsense ] I have had to deal with all of these creatures, not to mention groundhogs, and one summer I had a colony of wasps living in the wall of my house! It’s important to realize you are not alone when dealing with these … [Read more...]

Are You Ready To Pay For College?

(Sponsored) This post was sponsored on behalf of Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET). All opinions stated are my own.   May brings showers, flowers, and graduations. Most of us know at least one High School student who will don the cap and gown this month or next and graduate to their future.   For most students, what’s next is college. College comes in many different forms – community colleges, public universities and private universities. Two-year programs, 4-year programs, grad schools - there is a world of learning out there. However, there is one thing all institutions of higher learning have in common. Tuition.   Tuition – it’s a word you start hearing at your baby shower. “What are you going to name the baby? Have you started saving for … [Read more...]