Mini Candy Apple Recipes

These Mini Candy Apples are the perfect size for children to eat and easy enough for them to make all on their own. 1. Cut all your lollipop sticks in half, you can find these in the candy/baking section of most craft and major grocery stores. 2. Collect the rest of your ingredients: Apples, Melon Baller, Cupcake Liners, Dips and Toppings. For the dips we used melted almond bark, chocolate chips, butterscotch and caramel. For toppings we used different types of sprinkles and nuts. 3. Scoop out a ball of apple with your melon baller and insert the halved lollipop stick into the apple piece. Dip the apple ball into whatever melted dip you want and then dip into the topping! 4. Set in a cupcake liner for toppings to set for a few minutes. 5. Take a bite and … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Board – Fun Holiday Gift

I am attempting a handmade Christmas this year and have been searching for projects to do for my family and friends. I originally saw this idea on The Artful Parent and thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift for my two girls. This way they could have their own large felt board complete with different packets of cut out images that go along with different stories and landscapes. It is quite a simple project and is very do-able (which is perfect for me). First, I purchased a scrap of plywood about 1/4 inch thick and 2 feet by 2 feet. You will also need to pick up a can of Elmer's Spray Adhesive, a large piece of felt a little larger than your piece of wood (for the backdrop), craft glue and many different colors of felt. Follow the instructions on the back of your Spray … [Read more...]