Earth Day Bento Boxes

Earth Day is the perfect day to celebrate bento boxes.  Just by using them we’re helping our planet!

The average school child generates 67 lbs of lunch packaging waste a year!  

Can you imagine how much waste that is per school?  Per state?  That statistic is what originally earned my interest in bento boxes and greener, more earth-friendly lunchboxes.   Plus, you save a fortune by not having to purchase individually packaged snacks and juices.  They’re cheaper and you get more when you buy in bulk.

Here are three more fun bento box ideas for you in honor of Earth Day! 

They’re simple to make and the kids will love them.  The best thing about making bento box lunches is that the possibilities are endless and all you really need are some fun cookie cutters and a little imagination!

This roadster lunch includes:

-cheddar cheese is cut into little cars and stacked on top of wheat thin cracker

-baby carrots with a container of ranch dressing

-grapes, oranges and pomegranate seeds

-a pickle

-Annie’s organic gummies

The Frog Prince 

This adorable Frog Prince Bento Box lunch contains:

-Trader Joe’s brand of corn puffs

-cantaloupe and grapes

-celery w/peanut butter and raisins (aka ants on a log)

-turkey sandwich on whole grain and cheese crown

-wafer cookie

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The (anything but) Ugly Duckling Bento Box Lunch

This adorable duck themed bento box lunch includes:

-peanut butter & jelly sandwich with duck cut-out.

-grapes and cucumber

-the “Little Dipper” holds applesauce and sprinkles

-mini saltine crackers and cheddar cheese

-raspberries and a sliced boiled egg

-organic yogurt covered raisins

Want to host an Earth Day Party?  Audra has some great ideas.

Don’t have a bento box?  Stay tuned for my next post from the Hellmann’s Chicken Change Up campaign where I’ll be giving one away!


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