Sensitive Teeth? New Solution!

A new way to treat sensitive teeth!

A new way to treat sensitive teeth!

Do you have sensitive teeth? Don’t worry – you are not alone.  Over 60% (!) of Americans suffer from sensitive teeth.There are multiple triggers – sweet, hot, cold –  which cause discomfort for folks with this issue.

Sensitive teeth become more of a problem as we age.  Gums recede and expose the dentin of the tooth – creating a direct pipeline to the nerves in your teeth (aka dental tubules).  There are lots of products on the market right now to help ease pain – mostly in the form of toothpastes.  They work by blocking the receptors in the tooth – block those pathways to keep the pain away.

For those who have tried those products and not been satisfied, there’s good news.  I recently attended a product launch for Sensi-Stop. Crest has developed a new way to treat sensitive teeth; with strips. Strips enable the treatment to go right on the tooth – just like you would use white strips. Leave the strip on the problem tooth along the gum line for just 10 minutes and you’ll have protection for 30 days!

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Due to formulations, toothpastes which treat sensitive teeth aren’t able to have ingredients to fight cavities or provide tartar control.  By using the strips, you are able to choose a toothpaste to combat those issues.

I have a problem with sensitivity to cold and I was curious to try this new product.  How did it go? First, the actual strip is not very big just about an inch long, maybe a 1/2 inch wide – and was easy to place on the tooth.  There’s no real taste.  After 10 minutes I removed it ,and then waited 30 minutes before the big test – drinking an iced latte.  Very cautiously I swirled the cold beverage around the tooth. Wow…I just felt cold, not pain. I can’t wait to see if the effect will last for 30 days.

Sensi-Stop strips will be available in stores beginning in September. Pricing will be less than $20 for 6 strips (6 months of protection) but be on the lookout for coupons in circulars and on-line so you can get the best price to try these.

These strips are intended for use by persons 18 and over.  In fact, the dentists at the launch stressed that if you are under 18 and dealing with sensitive teeth issues, you should get to a dentist right away. It’s a sign of a bigger problem.

Dental health is a big part of overall health. Today’s new products allow us to treat issues at home, but you should see your dentist on a regular basis.

Disclosure: I attended an event to educate and inform the media (like bloggers) about this new product. I received a free sample of the product to try.  However, experience and opinion are my own.

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