11 Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

One of the fun things about having kids is that you get to craft with a new purpose.  Before kids I would make things for myself, or the house, or friends.  Now that we have kids I get to craft for Christmas and Easter and Valentine’s Day.  We gather around the kitchen table and create something for a specific holiday or season.

The great thing is that its also an education time for us.  We chat about the history of the holiday, why we give thanks/give gifts, etc and what’s our favorite thing about to do together.  Do you love crafting with your little ones as well?  Then check out these 11 super cute and extra fun Valentine’s crafts for kids!

DIY Valentine's Day Rockets for Kids

/1/ Valentine’s Rockets – These little rockets are super cute and use materials you already have around the house.

Tissue Paper Cupcake Kids Craft Idea

/2/ Tissue Paper Cupcake – A simple craft that is fun for all ages!

Valentine's Day Family Tree Craft

/3/ Love Tree – The whole family gets involved in this craft!

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Pencil topper craft - Cupid's arrow

/4/ Cupid’s Arrow Pencil Topper – Quick craft to jazz up your pencils.

Valentine's day cootie catcher

/5/ Valentine’s Cootie Catcher – Cute craft for all the kids who are scared of cooties.

Valentine's Day owl craft

/6/ Owl Valentine Craft – Take something you normally toss and turn it into an adorable owl!

Valentine's Day homemade bath fizzies

/7/ Valentine’s Bath Fizzies – A great craft that everyone is sure to love making.

Valentine's Day Heart handprint craft - so adorable!

/8/ Heart and Hand Valentine – Let your kiddos get messy and create a fun hand print craft.

Succulent Valentine's day garden containers

/9/ Succulent Valentine – Let the kids paint the container and help add the plant!

Valentine's Day chocolate spoon candies

/10/ Valentine’s Chocolate Dipped Spoons – Chocolate, candy and helping in the kitchen.  Its like a little kids dream craft!

Pretty colored Valentine's Day cards - so perfect for kids to make

/11/ Simple Colored Valentine – Jazz up your Valentine’s cards this year courtesy of your little one.

 How fun are all those crafts?  The great thing about this list is that its for kids of all ages and creativity levels.  There are even some crafts that can be done as a family!  Here’s to a happy and crafty Valentine’s day!

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