12 Fall Photography Inspirations

12 Fall Photography Inspirations

1. A Blast of Red – A reminder that all things end and trees with leaves all turned red is just an amazing sight to see. Red is the color of leaves, autumn flowers, and warm candlelight so find the reds of autumn and capture them on film. By Amixer, deviantART.

A Blast of Red

2. Family Portrait – Fall is indeed an amazing time to grab your camera and take a family portrait. Learn what to wear to take a great photo with the right color combinations. By Blissfully Domestic.

Family Portrait

3. Drying Grasses – You can make any subject pop by taking advantage of the neutral and soft colors around it. By The Glass Attic.

Drying Grasses

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4. Pumpkin Patch – Fall means it is time for pumpkins and getting a photo on a pumpkin patch is a must. By Jessica Jill Photography.

Pumpkin Patch

5. Close Up – Take a close look at a seasonal change. With the subject and background, you’ll surely capture a beautiful picture. By epicnom, Flickr.

Close Up

6. Harvest Time– Take photographs of cabbages, corn, and other crops while harvesting. Or perhaps a tractor? By macmonter2, DP Review.

Harvest Time

7. Leaves – Lots and lots of yellow, golden, or red leaves. It would be nice to take some snow angels… Or for this matter, leaf angels. By Aurelio Asiain, Flickr.


8. Landscape – The play of colors of the leaves, trees, lakes, mountain, and surroundings, autumn fall landscapes make amazing photos. By Brent Danley, Flickr.


9. Abstract – Pay attention to details and be as delicate as you can be. Be creative with an abstract subject. By Steve Jurvetson, Flickr.


10. Pathway – Fall is a time of transition and pathways embody that in a physical sense. This fall be sure to take timeless and classic photos of pathways and roads. The blend of colors and the surroundings with the atmosphere of autumn can be mesmerizing. By Phil Hilfiker, Flickr.


11. Light and Shadow – The light at the beginning or end of a foggy Autumn’s day creates a contrasting shadow that makes an amazing effect. By PhotoBucket.

Light and Shadow

12. Falling Leaves – Make use of leaves. Play with it. Whether you make it as your main subject or as an effect, including falling leaves in your image will bring a sense of motion to the photo. By Dig This Design.

Falling Leaves

Now grab your camera and head outdoors! We’d love to see what you come up with – share your fall photos from these 12 inspirations with us on our Facebook page.

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    The Fall photos on today’s website are so awesome and those few minutes of looking at the photo and reading the caption truly got me in the autumn mood! Thanks 🙂