20 Free Knitted Hat Patterns

What could be cozier for cool weather than a hand knitted hat? Everyone loves a handcrafted piece of apparel and with the number of designs and free patterns available, any level of knitter can use their favorite yarn to make a great pull-on hat, slouchy or beanie. So this fall and winter, pick up your knitting needles and use one of these twenty free knitting patterns to create the perfect hat!

Are you a beginning knitter wanting to make your very first hat? Scroll down to numbers 13 and 20 for our favorite starter patterns! And even if you haven’t ever held knitting needles, we’ve got you covered. Check out our learn-to-knit guide here!

Knit Your Own Hats This Winter - Free Patterns

/1/ Combining cables and moss stitch (sometimes called seed stitch) this oversized beanie is sure to be a cold season favorite.  {Wavy Moss Hat at Cedar Box Knits} /2/ New to cable knitting? Try this simple pattern to improve your skills! {Chunky Cable Knit Hat at Lula Louise} /3/ With just a hint of whimsy, this slouchy is a beauty. {Fern Glade at Knitty} /4/ Try this basic, masculine hat pattern for any of the guys (or gals!) in your life. {Chunkeanie at Woolywormhead}

Knit Hats With Free Patterns

/5/ Colorful and eye-catching, this knitted hat is a stunner! {Ida’s Kitchen at Through The Loops} /6/ This autumn beanie combines lacy chevron stitches and a basic cable for a pretty design sure to keep your ears warm. {Chevrons and Cables at Balls To The Walls Knits} /7/ A brioche stitch and old-fashioned shape lends this hood a romantic air. {Brioche Hood Hat at Ravelry} /8/ This hat – and its novelty button – can be tucked back or pulled down when the cold winds blow! {The Goblin Hat at The Sitting Tree}

Beautiful Free Hat Knitting Patterns

/9/ Nothing says “snow days” like a lovely Fair Isle design! Try your hand at the iconic style with this free pattern. {Miss Rachel Hat at Tunis Knits} /10/ A quick pattern with decorative edge patterns, this hat is functional and eye-pleasing! {Elvira at Knitting Glasses} /11/ Simple knit and purl stitches felt into a classy cloche hat. A simple pattern with a fancy end product! {Felted Cloche at Mercier} /12/ A cozy hat with a just a hint of edging, this hat is perfect for your favorite gently-dyed yarn. {Dawn Hat at Annie Claire}

Lovely Winter Hats With These Free Knit Patterns

/13/ This ribbed hat uses only knit and purl stitches, so it’s the perfect hat for any beginning knitter! And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also stretchy and fits any sized head. Check it out! {Easy-fit Ribbed hat} /14/ This brilliant design can be cinched tight to sit atop one’s head, or opened into a cozy cowl. {Sack Hat at Knit Culture} /15/ Use several different stitches in this tri-colored slouch to create this designer-esque hat. {Anthropologie Boho Slouchy at Lucky Ewe} /16/ Whether you plan to hit the slopes this winter or hike along ice lake shores, this hat – complete with warm ear flaps – is sure to keep you covered. {Swell Beanie at Knitty}

Gorgeous Knit Hats - Free Patterns for Knitters

/17/ If color work is your forte and reading charts is your strong point, try out this gorgeous hat pattern by Erssie. {Solstice Flame at Ravelry} /18/ This slouchy hat with its huge pompom is the perfect addition to your casual autumn wardrobe. {Bicycles Wheels Hat at Sew Knit Me} /19/ Need a quick and colorful hat for the kiddo in your life? Try this easy striped pattern! {Kid’s Slouchy at 12 Months 24 Hats} /20/ This simple hat pattern is perfect for the newest of knitters, using only a knit stitch for the majority of the hat. Pick out your favorite colorful yarn and get started! {Easy Slouchy at Crazy Aunt Purl}

Any of these free patterns will make a comfy, warm hat to keep your head and ears warm during the cold winter months. So grab your needles, pick out some yarn and get knitting!

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