8 Great Gifts for Dog Lovers!

 8 Great-Dog-Gifts : Blissfully domestic

Who doesn’t love their dog enough to equip them with the most stylish and fun items imaginable! There are designer bowls, leashes, collars & even a kate spade new york Dog Sitter Notepad!


Chevron Dog Bowl

The dog bowl is the #1 chic accessory for your pampered pooch. These are so cute and definitely allow them to mark their territory in style. The Chevron bowl is available in many other “flavors” online so be sure to check them out, so many ways to express your style!


Paw Print Cast Ornament: Gifts for the Pet lover

Dog Paw Print

This is such a sweet keepsake & trust me when I tell you that you’ll be happy you have it someday when your favorite friend is no longer with you. Some might think of this as an ornament for the Holidays, but it would be really cute hanging over their dog dish or just decorating your home somewhere year round. Ours does have its place on our “dog-tree” during Christmas, but I’m thinking I should take my own advice & put it in our powder room which is otherwise decorated in a dog theme and called the “Labrador Lavatory”.

Chevron Dog Collar

Chevron Dog Collar

No pet should be without a signature collar. Truth be told, we actually have several for our Black Lab (seasonal, holiday, camo, etc.). I also recommend stitching their name & your cell phone number onto the collar itself so that it can’t get separated like some of the tags you attach to the collar can (especially for travel). Regardless if you are purchasing this for your pet or a new member of your extended family, these collars are great & there are TONS of combinations to choose from. Just click the image above & see for yourself!

Custom Dog Leash

Custom Dog Leash

Sorry, y’all but if you’ve got a custom collar… you should also have a custom leash! This goes along with my “color coding” that I recommend to my Organizing clients… keep it simple, have a matched set & you are always stylish and ready to go!


Chevron Dog Tag

These tags are super adorbs & definitely something I would purchase for my pooch. No matter what, every dog should have a tag and this just puts that basic necessity over the top, love it! As with the collars and leashes, there are several dozen combos so have fun & customize with reckless abandon!

Dog Bandanna - Great Gift

Dog Bandanna

What is cuter than a dog with a bandana? Not much! These custom numbers are just so cute & would be adorable from Border Collies to Labradors!

ksny Dog Sitter Notepad

ksny dog sitter notepad

I’m a big fan of ksny, but truth be told when I saw this I squealed, SO cute! Honestly it’s true, though… we leave notes for when we leave our kids, why not our dogs too? I think these pads are great because of the “prompts” that they mention like: Medicine, walks & allergies. Brilliant!

Spotlit Dog Light

LED Dog Light

We have a Black Lab & we spend time in Northern Michigan twice a year… when he’s out running on the farm at night, we can’t see him so this gizmo is at the top of the list as one of my FAVES! It’s awesome to be able to see where he is (fortunately he doesn’t wander far) but it really gives me peace of mind knowing that I can keep an eye on him while he’s out running free & doing dog things after dark.


I hope that this list was fun for you to enjoy & give you some ideas for your favorite pet owner or maybe even some gift ideas for your favorite pet! As a fellow dog lover, I know that I’ve spent my fair share on some silly things but also some life-altering ones that I learned from the smart dog parents that came before me. I hope this list helps you someday too, enjoy!

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