Blissfully Domestic is hiring: Social Media Manager

Blissfully Domestic is seeking a Social Media Manager

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Job Description

Part-time: Social Media Manager:  is expanding our dynamic team, and we’re seeking  someone to help us celebrate every day of the year! We are looking for a Social Media Manager who will be responsible for the execution of strategic social media engagement, content delivery and outreach. The ideal candidate is savvy about social media and its ability to engage with customers. This is a contract position to start immediately.

Skill Requirements:

Passionate about social media trends and tools

5+ years of social media marketing experience, including community management as well as experience in both organic and paid social campaigns

Exceptions understanding and use of social media platforms including, FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Pinterest, LinkedIn , Vine and Snapchat.

You will:

  • Work closely with team lead and to execute social media strategy
  • Monitor conversations across social media and address important mentions in real-time through engagement, escalation, or documentation
  • Respond to complaints, requests, and mentions of advocacy in owned and earned social media in real-time
  • Posting to social channels: maintain a consistent voice across channels aligned with branding and target audience
  • Discover trending topics, community needs, and interests of clients’ audience across social media, adjusting content and messaging accordingly
  • Generate insight into community performance and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Contribute to social media reports by identifying themes and aggregating data into actionable insights to inform marketing
  • Attend and contribute to weekly meetings

Skill requirements:

  • Twitter: Do you know how to schedule a tweet with an image?
  • Facebook: Do you know how to schedule a post, work with AD manager, review leaders in our market and identify trends?
  • Hashtags: Can you determine and always include the appropriate hashtags? Do you love analytics and understanding your audience?
  • Instagram: Do you know how to schedule a post in Instagram? Are you comfortable editing and enhancing images and titles?
  • Writing: Do you have fun writing and interacting with people online? Strong verbal and written communication skills are a must.
  • Google+: Do you currently work in this environment? Can you collaborate and contribute to communities?
  • LinkedIn: Can you determine the best posts tailored to this environment?
  • Newsletter: Can you prepare a weekly newsletter and schedule it in a phased sequence, review analytics on to refine newsletter audience?


In addition to earning a base monthly fee, we will also promote you across all our social platforms.  We receive 300, 000 unique views a month and have over 50, 000 followers.  You will be part of our collaboration & cross promotion. (We will mention your name and link to your blog on our “About” page.)

How to apply:  Please submit a link to your resume and contact information to here: Contributor Application.

This is a position in Metro New York area: Telecommuting is not a part of the job.

Greenwich, CT





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