Easy Christmas Ornaments to Create with Your Kids

Each year, about this time, I get antsy to make Christmas ornaments with my kids. Crafts are an excellent excuse to sit and spend quality time with our kids or learn more about what’s going on in their little heads. When finished, hang your new ornament on the tree and then sit back and admire your craft together.

Today I’ve gathered a bunch of easy and FUN DIY Christmas ornaments you can make with your kids. Let’s get started!

Angel photo ornaments for christmas with your kids/1/ Family Ornaments – Your kids will have so much fun decorating a family of angels from photos of YOUR family!

Recycle bottle caps for Christmas ornaments kids can make/2/ Bottle Cap Reindeer Ornaments – A Christmastime tradition that has been long standing in my family is buying a 6-pack of Santa Coca-Cola bottles and enjoying them together. I love this bottle cap ornament idea to recycle to caps from our Santa cokes!

DIY christmas ornaments you can make with your kids - Handprint clay ornament/3/ Baby Friendly Salt Dough Ornaments – Make a hand print salt dough ornament this year so that you can see how fast their little hands grow.

Snowman ornament - DIY christmas ornaments you can make with your kids/4/ CD Snowman Ornaments – Do you have any old CD’s that you no longer listen to? How about those scratched CD’s that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away? Recycle them with this super cute CD Snowman ornament!

Nut wreath ornament - DIY Christmas ornaments you can make with your kids/5/ Acorn Mini Wreath Ornaments – DO you have kids who love to explore the outdoors? With this ornament tutorial you can find most of your supplies outside!

Popsicle stick Christmas tree ornament - DIY Christmas ornaments you can make with your kids

/6/ Easy Christmas Tree Ornament – I started to say this craft would be excellent for preschoolers but, I would really love to make one of these myself. Imagine how creative you and your children can get with the buttons. What if you used sequins instead of buttons?? Oh, the possibilities!

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Scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornament - DIY ornaments for kids

/7/ Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments – If you’re already an avid crafter, you may have scrap ribbon already laying around the house. If not, it won’t be too terribly expensive to pick up a few different spools to create these super cute trees!

Reindeer yarn ball Christmas ornament - DIY Christmas ornaments you can make with your kids

/8/ Tangled Rudolph – How cute is this Rudolph all tangled up in lights? The kids will love seeing this silly ornament hanging on the tree!

Frozen Olaf footprint Christmas ornament - DIY Christmas ornaments you can make with your kids

/9/ Frozen Olaf Salt Dough Ornament – It’s everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf! He likes warm hugs and all things Summer…yet, he’s a snowman. Surprise your little one by turning his/her foot print into this adorable little guy!

Do you enjoy making Christmas ornaments with your kids each year? It’s nice to pull them out of the box each year and reminisce about the year they were created. If you haven’t started this tradition yet, maybe start this year!

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