Fabulous Father’s Day Photo Ideas

With Father’s Day quickly approaching you may be unsure what to get the man that has always been there for you, helped tie your shoes and even taught you to ride a bike. Pictures are worth a thousand words and these simple photo ideas are sure to melt even the toughest of Dads’ hearts.

1. Caught In the Act

Playtime Father's Day Photo InspirationsChildren are always yearning for daddy to play with them. Let’s be honest, Dads do give the best horsey back rides! So why not capture their inner youth with a photo that will span the years. (Photo Credit: Christy Peterson Photography)

2. Show Your Silly Side

Show your silly sideEvery Dad has a soft spot for his daughter and if anyone can get him to be silly, it’s her. Capture their goofy sides for a picture he will treasure. (Photo Credit: Danic Photography)

3. Try These On For Size

Shoe sizes comparisons for Father's Day Photo InspirationsThere is nothing truer than, “They grow up too fast!” Capture their fun size as a way to remember that for a short time, you did have bigger feet than you son! (Photo Credit: Ram Morrison)

4. Generations

Generations of Fathers for Father's day photographyOne of my favorite family photos is of my great-grandfather, grandfather and father (all of whom had the same name). Seeing generations of the same eyes, smile or cleft chin is a treasured keepsake. (Photo Credit: Cheezburger)

5. The Eyes Have It

Father's Day Photos - Show off the eyes!Does your daughter or son have their father’s eyes? Capture them! I love the up close and personal feel of this photo as well as the soft lighting. (Photo Credit: Art Limited)

6. Father and Son Attitude

Fist bump - Father's Day Photo IdeasFathers and sons have a special bod as well. Capture their ‘cool dude’ persona’s with a little fist bump action photo. (Photo Credit: Jay Moore Photography)

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7. Change of Scenery

Background Change Up for Father's Day PhotosForget boring photos in front of the house or on the living room couch. Get out there and explore! Even this busy scenery gets lost in the background when you make this picture black and white. (Photo Credit: Black Star)

8. Age Doesn’t Matter

Older fathers matter too - Father's Day Photography InspirationJust because his children are no longer small does not mean Dad doesn’t want his picture taken with them. This photo captures the personalities of both the Father and the daughter as well as the love that they have for each other. (Photo Credit: Occasiodea)

9. Photo Editing

Photoshop magic for awesome Father's Day PhotographyAre you a Photoshop expert? Do you have mad skills in Lightroom? This transparent picture of three generations is a true masterpiece and a great way to capture the past, present and future. (Photo Credit: Writing 101)

10. Embrace the Chaos

Capture the chaos of everyday life for Father's Day PhotographyIf your house is anything like mine, everyday is chaos. Bit that chaos won’t last forever, so embrace it while you can. And while you are at it, capture it on film! (Photo Credit: Bored Panda)

I can guarantee that your Father will love any photo you give him this Father’s Day but why not put some extra thought behind it! It will surely be a gift he treasures for years to come.

What do you think?