Holiday Wreaths that Dazzle

‘Tis the season to dress your front door up with a fancy, new Holiday wreath. The big box stores all seem to have very similar wreaths for sale. They are either green or red or a combination of the two colors. What if your decor isn’t just green and red? What if you aren’t able to find a wreath in stores that expresses your personal decorating style? The perfect solution is to make your own! Today I have a handful of tutorials on Holiday wreaths that can let your guests see just how fun and quirky, rustic and woodsy or somewhere in between you are.
Christmas Wreath from Pom Pom DIY/1/ Pom Pom Wreath – Did you make pom-pom’s when you were a kid? Remember, you wrapped and wrapped yarn around a piece of cardboard, tied it off and then cut it to reveal a fluffy, yarn pom-pom. Now, you can buy pom-pom making kits in craft stores and they’re much faster to make. In only a few minutes, maybe while watching your favorite Christmas movie, you can make enough pom-pom’s to create this super cute Pom-Pom Wreath.

DIY Christmas Wreath with "snow dipped" pine cones/2/ Pine Cone Wreath – You can use pine cones for so many crafts and home decor projects. I love how the original creator of this Dipped Pine Cone Wreath used them for her Christmas decor. And, then there’s the plaid ribbon…swoon!

Repurposed Sweater DIY Christmas Wreath/3/ Recycled Sweater Wreath – Do you have a closet full of sweaters that you plan to take to the thrift store or give away? Wait! Give them another life. This tutorial is great for re-purposing those beautiful garments into decorations you can display year after year.

Clothes Pin Handmade Wreath for holding Christmas cards/4/ Christmas Card Holder Wreath – I’m always looking for a practical way to display the Christmas cards that come in the mail each year. By Christmas morning these clothes pins will be filled with the faces of the ones we love most!

Paper star Christmas Wreath DIY Tutorial/5/ 3D Paper Star Wreath – This wreath looks like a bunch of fun to make. It also looks pretty inexpensive. Go to your local craft store {or your own scrapbooking stash} and pick up a few sheets of scrapbook paper and buttons for embellishment. It’ll be finished in a snap!

Gumdrop Christmas Wreath/6/ Gum Drop Wreath – If gingerbread houses and lollipop forests strike your fancy, then this Gum Drop Wreath is perfect for you!

Paper straw starburst Christmas wreath

/7/ Paper Straw Wreath – This wreath reminds me so much of the art from decades past. If you love decor that has a vintage look, this wreath is for you!

Photo Christmas Wreath - gorgeous way to celebrate your family during the holidays/8/ Photo Wreath – This wreath would be great with pictures of Christmas’s from the past or even pictures of vacations or events from the current year. A photo wreath is an excellent way to display pictures throughout December that you might not normally frame or hang!

Wood Slices with Gorgeous Burlap Ribbon for a Lovely DIY Christmas Wreath /9/ Wood Slice Burlap Wreath – There’s something about a rustic wreath with a touch of burlap that makes me happy. Grab a branch that the recent snow has made fall from your tree, perhaps a lovely birch bark tree branch, and carefully cut the disks. This wreath will be beautiful hanging on your front door!

Which of these is your favorite Holiday Wreath? We’d love to see your finished wreath after you’ve hung it on your door! Share it with us on our Facebook page

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