New Ride at Disney World – The Mine Train Review: What You Need to Know

If you are a fan of Disney, you likely know that the centerpiece of the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World in Orlando is the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Rollercoaster.  The Disney Imagineers (and construction crews) have been working on this project since 2010 and they are just about ready to (ahem) roll it out!

Front of the new Mine Train Disney World Ride!

I had a very special opportunity to be part of a media party recently which gave us a chance to ride the Mine Train roller coaster before it opens to the public. (Opening day is currently schedule for May 28, 2014.)

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Here are some things you’ll want to know about this ride before you go.

1. There is an interactive element to the line waiting part (this is going to be a very popular ride and you will be waiting in line). Spinning barrels, touch screen games, and musical water elements are all available to keep you entertained.

Look for great dwarf and Snow White themed characters and surprises throughout the Mine Train roller coaster!

2. Smoothest roller coaster I ever rode. If you hate roller coasters because they jerk you at stops and starts, the Mine Train will change your mind. In fact this will probably be the exception you want to make to your “I don’t ride roller coasters” rule.

The new Mine Train ride at Disney is a very smooth roller coaster!

3. It might be scary for your little ones.  This ride is suggested for ages 7+, but just like anything, there are kids younger who can handle it, and kids older who can’t.  First time I rode, there was a little girl about 6 sitting in front of me with her mom.  She cried for her Daddy most of the ride.  It was just too much for her, and once the train leaves the station there’s no going back or getting off till the end. Yes, its the Dwarves and they are cute, but the roller coaster makes twists and turns, it’s up and down, it’s fast and slow.

4. Each of the cars is designed to swing side to side. Based on the feedback from others, it seems like the cars in the very front and very back are likely to provide the most swinging action.  If you sit in the middle, you may not get a swinging sensation at all.

The Mine Train has a lot of action throughout to keep everyone entertained - newest ride at Disney World

5. Each time you ride this coaster you’ll notice something new.  Whether its the vultures perched at the top of the mountain, shadows of the dwarves marching or the Witch knocking at the Dwarves door, it’s fun to see all the details.

Are you taking a trip to Walt Disney World this summer?  Will you ride the Seven Dwarves Mine Train?

Photo Credit: Desiree Miller  StressfreeBaby

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    We’re headed to Disney in the Fall. Thank you for sharing!

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    We will be there the week this opens !!! I can’t wait to see this and all the new fantasyland attractions!