Our Hostess Gifts for Fall!

Whether you are headed to a Back to School Class Coffee, Halloween Extravaganza or a fabulous Pre-Holiday Cocktail Party here are some FAB gifts to bring along & impress your host or hostess

(because bringing a bottle of wine is SO 2008)!


Lilly Market Tote

These $10 totes are darling & Lilly Pulitzer is always appropriate year round. They hold quite a few groceries or other items that one might collect during a busy shopping outing. They can be customized, but the plain would allow you to keep a few on hand just in case you get a last minute invite!


State Oven Mitt

I absolutely LOVE these! As with another item you will see later in this post, this is a great gift for someone you might be visiting long distance. It does involve a little pre-planning but what a hit it will be to show up with this darling “thank you” upon arrival.


Paint Can Cookies

This sweet little goodie is actually a small “paint can” filled with chocolate chip cookies. What a dear little gift to thank your favorite Team Mom, Teacher(s), Class Mom, Tutor or Coach.


Glass Cutting Boards

Okay, I’ll admit it, I squealed when I saw these… too cute! The Alligators caught my eye first since my son spent 6 years playing football for a team called the Riverside Gators so we have a lot of “Gator” paraphernalia around our house. Whether you choose a Gator or a Whale they are just cute, cute & would be a great gift for any Hostess.





I’d seen the Corkcicle before but never the Chillsner… how cool (literally)! Neither actually water down your wine or beer but instead the PBA-Free plastic allows you to freeze them ahead of time & then enjoy cold wine and beer throughout, very clever! This would be a great gift for a Host or Hostess and I could definitely see it as a fun and practical item that one might not normally purchase for oneself which makes it the ultimate Hostess Gift!


Cheers Tray

What a lovely way to say thank you & what an impact it will have! These can also be customized but if you know you have a busy upcoming social calendar keep this “Cheers” version on hand & wow your Hostess right at the door!


Wooden Initial Door Hangar

Spoiler Alert! This is going to be my “go to” Holiday Gift this year… I just love the easy customization & warm welcome that this brings as it hangs on the front door. It is also perfect to enjoy for any season & all year round.


Leather Custom Coasters

Again, this would be a great Host or Hostess gift. It’s always hard to find something unique to bring when a man is hosting an event & these are perfect! As with some of my other suggestions, this might take a little planning but keeping a few of their more “generic” versions on hand and you are well ahead of yourself as you head out the door.


State Hand Towel

I mentioned before with the oven mitts that I have a favorite Hostess gift & this is it, hands down. I LOVE showing up with these on hand & just like the oven mitts, these pack so easily! I wrap them up in cellophane before I leave and pack them on top of everything in my suitcase. Once I arrive I just grab them out of my bag & voila, here we are!


Custom Cork Backed Coasters

I got these for my sister last year as a Hostess gift at Thanksgiving. I chose a similar pattern to these & added a Holiday Theme & she loved & enjoyed them all season. These are also easy to pack (think cellophane & a big bow) and would be well received by any Host or Hostess.

Whether you are heading out to a class breakfast or black-tie fete it is never okay to show up empty handed. I admit to having a small “stockpile” of goodies in case of those last minute invitations, but I truly enjoy customizing my gifts whenever possible. It lets my Host or Hostess know that I was thinking ahead & looking forward to seeing them for a while and what is nicer than knowing someone is thinking of you? I can’t think of much, enjoy!

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    Great gift ideas. I don’t think I can pick just one. I really like the chillsner and the personalized items especially the state oven mitt.