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My kids are in college & high school now & I’m kicking myself that I didn’t have something like Frecklebox to order their school supplies back when they were younger. The funny thing is though that I’d buy some of these items for my daughter who is entering her Sophomore year in college because they are so darn cute!

Here are a few of my favorites that would definitely help keep your kids school supplies organized & the custom options mean that no one will get their gear confused with yours!


Personalized Binders

The Binders measure 1.5” & will hold up to 300 sheets. There are SO many more to choose from online & the fun part is that when you look at the individual styles there are other coordinating items that go along with the binders so that everything matches (LOVE this)!


Custom Lunchboxes

Okay, I want to ride the pony! I love this lunchbox, how cute is this for girls… & we are a football family all the way so this would definitely be what I would have chosen for my son, Peyton (yes, we named our son after Peyton Manning – told you were are a football family). They measure 7.5″ x 6.5″ x 4″ and there is a chalkboard inside where you can leave messages (I think this is my favorite part).

preppy-pose-journal-0003012_350350 thrashin-journal-0003019_350350

Personalized Journals

I wanted to choose different styles for each of the items that I wanted to share with you to show the vast array of items available. They measure 5.75″ x 7.5″ & have 120 acid-free white pages inside. As with everything on the site, there are SO many different styles to choose from that you will find something for the Prepster, edgy athletic type, classic athlete, thespian, athletic girls & more!

camping-out-stickers-0001048_350350    rainbow-chevron-stickers-0003275_350350

Okay, anytime you can label your stuff I’m all for it! I would have gone crazy for these when I was little (truth be told, I’m crazy about them at the age of 45, they are SO cute)! Whether you are going to label your school supplies, lunch boxes, or have them on your laptop, they are an adorable way to mark your turf.

They also have super cute gift stickers too:

sports-gift-stickers-0003301_350350       gift-stickers-0003298_350350

Custom Stickers

I’ve made these for my kids for years & they make it SO much easier to just pop a label onto a gift when you are running out the door to a party. Anytime I can make things easier for my “future self” I’m all for it!

fancy-flowers-clipboard-0000655_350350PVGN3CXWCUJA7CRBJVGKX5W4H2_00001_1  4MHBGHSV68VLFHTCDLTY8TKRVA_00001_17XQ7AGJJDDLX22EFRS3A6SPBCW_00001_1 pink-plaid-clipboard-0000679_350350

Custom Clipboards

Okay, as you can see I had trouble choosing my favorite pattern for the clipboards since there were so many to choose from. Teaching kids to use clipboards to help organize projects is a great way to keep them on top of some of the bigger projects that might come along as they progress through their school years & these are just too cute to pass up. These measure 9” x 12” and are a low-profile style so they are great to use for multiple projects so be sure to order more than one!

pink-paisley-chore-chart-0002774_350350   football-chore-chart-0002780_350350

Chore Charts

As a Mom, I am always looking for ways to raise responsible children. Now that mine are older I can assure you that all the hard work that comes with parenting when they are young pays off if you make sure the kids learn to share the load. There is NO reason why your elementary school kids can’t help unload the dishwasher or bring their laundry to the laundry room and then put it away once it’s clean. Moms don’t have to do it all & these chore charts give lots of room for different kinds of chores that you choose to divvy up in your household. Just remember to encourage & reward their hard work so that they want to help more in the future. Here are the deets:

Dimensions: 11.5″w x 11″h

– Printed on 60# matte label
– Dry-erase laminated
– Mounted on 1/8″ PVC board

– Magnet tape and velcro strips for hanging

Paris-Growth-Chart  Sports-growth-chart

Growth Charts

I made a mistake at our old house & when we moved the contractor cut the height chart out of the wall for me but he didn’t do it from the floor, only the section where our writing was so we don’t have a point of reference as to how tall the kids were on the dates we have written down. There is a wooden dowel at each end for weight & a ribbon at the top for hanging. They measure 12” x 38”.  These growth charts are so cute & they can be moved to a new house or inside a closet so that you can keep these sweet memories close & look back on how the kids have grown!

hula-girl-school-pocket-folder baseball-school-pocket-folder

Pocket Folders

Seriously, as I looked through the website I kept squealing at all the adorable options that are available… personalized pocket folders… yup, I’d be ALL over these for my kiddos too. They measure 9” x 12” closed & then 18” x 12” open. Handing in a custom folder to your teacher reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in Legally Blonde when Elle Woods hands over her pink perfumed Resume… it just gives it a little somethin’ extra don’t you think?!

rainbow-chevron-notebook-0003279_350350 Custom-Spiral-Notebook-Flames

Spiral Notebooks

Personalized spiral notebooks, yes please! These classic spirals measure 9” x 12” & are wide ruled. These would be great to inspire your young writers to keep a journal, write down their dreams and inspirations or just another place to write down the things that they need to keep track of during their busy days.

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Personalized Storybooks

How fun to read a story that’s all about YOU! I can’t think of a more encouraging way to learn how to read than to read a story that talks of a personal adventure all your own. Getting my daughter to read was like pulling teeth & I think that a few of these books might have made a big difference in how she approached learning.

Whether you have someone headed off to Kindergarten or possibly a preppy high school student, personalized school supplies are a really FUN way to stay organized throughout the year. These also express your kids own unique style and shows them how they can stand out in a crowd.

Have a great year!

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