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This post was Sponsored by ShopRite but the opinions are all my own. Looking for healthy food choices?

I always tell my kids that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. With our busy lives, it’s tempting to skip breakfast. STOP! Don’t do it. Instead, find ways to fill your pantry and refrigerator with wholesome choices that make breakfast easy and nutritious!

ShopRite is the perfect store to help you fill that pantry with oh so yummy healthy choices. First off, did you know that ShopRite has launched a private label called Wholesome Pantry? It’s fantastic! It has a mix of organic and non-organic frozen, private, dairy and snack products. Everything has no artificial additives flavors or preservatives. The organic foods are USDA certified organic products.

Shoprite has an On-Site Dietician

Secondly, ShopRite has an on-site Dietitian who can help you find the right choices for your pantry! The Dietitian will show you all the best products to make all family members happy and healthy.  You can schedule a FREE one-to-one consultation at your local store. They will help you plan your family’s nutritional needs. They’ll even walk you down the aisles and show you how to read nutrition labels and make good choices. Did I mention that this is a complimentary service, WOW! Get started right away and check out this link http://www.shoprite.com/dietitiantop10/ where the Dietician shares her top 10 favorite picks! Or to find a dietitian near you search the store directory CLICK HERE .

My local CT store always has a great selection. As each ShopRite is individually owned and operated – I can always rely on my local store to carry products to meet my family’s needs! After walking up and down the aisles in search of breakfast items, here are my top picks for the week – sure to give your family lots of choices for breakfast combinations for champions!

Fortified Eggs

Wholesome pantry fortified eggs have 25% less saturated fat than a regular egg. They come from vegetarian fed hens and are an excellent source of vitamins D, B12, and E.


Blue with a boost! This fresh fruit is a welcome addition to lots of different recipes. I can add them to my vanilla yogurt for a breakfast smoothie or just throw them on top of my granola.

Flax Seed

A sprinkle on everything and anything breakfast is sure to get the day started on the right note! I love to secretly sprinkle them into my kids’ cereal and I even throw them into my breakfast smoothies.

Greek Yogurt

I’ve become addicted to Greek Yogurt. The organic section at Shop Rite has a huge selection. A must have for my morning smoothies!


Too many choices in the aisle. My husband is a huge oatmeal fan! We usually sprinkle in a little flaxseed for a boost of omega-3 to start the work day off right. The blueberries are always a great addition too.


The new wholesome pantry granola is awesome! I especially love this with a sprinkle of blueberries and flaxseed. My choice of the week – Granola Coconut Almond. 100% whole grain and an excellent source of fiber. The perfect way to get my day started!

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Breakfast is all set in my house this week. Now, what’s for dinner? I hope the Dietitian is available tomorrow help me find the right choices!

Shoprite is offering more healthy selections for you and your family.  We hope you will visit their Wholesome Pantry line to stock your pantry with affordable, healthy food and snacks.

Happy shopping and happy eating!



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    Totally agree that breakfast is the most importnat meal of the day! Cannot leave the house without it. I also just recently found out about the dietician that thye have on staff for free consultations. That is an amazing ShopRite feature that I NEED to take advantage of!