Sears’ New Shop Your Way MasterCard Means You Can Earn Points Your Way

Today’s Girls Night Out Might Be Tomorrow’s Sears Washing Machine!

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As my kids have gotten older and more self-sufficient, I have truly discovered the importance of adult time, and especially time with girlfriends to catch up and yes, very important, have fun!

As adults, it’s harder to make friends and more important than ever to have those friends who understand where you are coming from and where you are going to (or trying to go to).

As important as time is with friends, in my house the budget is just as important. Like using coupons at the grocery store or making sure to cash in those extra bucks, I’m thinking about how to make good decisions in spending.

Enter the Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way Points from Citibank, is not your standard store card. The Sears Mastercard can be used anywhere you would use a regular Mastercard and BONUS – you can earn Shop Your Way Points.

Getting gas = getting points!

For example – I need gas on my way to meet my friends – that’s 5% points back!

When we meet at the restaurant and I put my portion on my Sears Mastercard Shop Your Way card, powered by Citi Retail Services, I’m getting 3% back in points. If I were to stop and buy a small gift at Kmart or Sears, that would put another 2% points back in my account. Almost everything you buy qualifies for some points!

Restaurant and Grocery store purchases earn points!

All of these little things can add up to some big incentives. Ok, so what do you do with the points? Most of us are familiar with earning points but typically they are for a specific store or brand. Not with Shop Your Way.

Check out to see all the ways you can redeem them (there are SO many choices) – you can save on your favorite brands from your favorite stores (including Sears and Kmart). I found this quick little video with an overview:

There is so much good info on the site – be sure to grab a cup or coffee or tea and spend a little time learning how to get and use the points.

It’s free to sign up for a Shop Your Way account. All Sears Mastercard customers can earn points on a complimentary basis with no fee for 12 months once you open an account. Now, this is a credit card so you will want to be sure you read all the details before you decide if its right for you to apply.

So get out there – see your friends – make the time, spend a little money and know you are getting something back. Who knows, maybe the points you earn getting together with friends will one day be that new washing machine.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Mastercard. We hope you found it helpful for choosing the right card for your family.

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