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Spring is here! If it hasn’t quite arrived where you live don’t worry, soon enough it will be knocking at your doorstep. As we all come out of winter hiding and prepare for beautiful spring and summer weather, it’s time to start thinking about spring photography. Maybe you welcomed a new member to your family over the winter, maybe you celebrated an important birthday. Whatever the reason, the spring and summer months are an excellent time to have family photos taken. The weather is beautiful, the flowers and trees are in bloom and you can skip the mad rush of family photos in the fall! If you are planning a family photo session this spring and are stuck on what to wear, read on for five helpful tips!

Spring Summer fashion ideas

1. Radiant Orchid – Pantone Spring 2014 Color Palette
If you need some inspiration on what to wear and colors to pick, I like to turn to the professionals! The team over at Pantone know their stuff, and this year’s Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid. Perfect for the ladies of the family (but don’t be shy using it on the boys too!) it’s the perfect spring color. The rest of their Spring 2014 color palette is equally as beautiful, so take your pick!

Bright Colors for spring photos - Spring photography inspirations

2. Bright Colors
Spring is such a great time to wear bold, bright colors in your family photos. Try to stay away from too many neon colors, but bright cheery colors can really make an impact in your photos. Pick 2-3 colors for the family to wear to keep the look cohesive, and then have fun adding color into your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Spring colors - pastels. Spring Photography Inspirations

3. Pastel Colors
On the opposite side of the spectrum, spring and summer are also a great time to use pastels in your family photos. These colors give off a very soft, calm and relaxed vibe and allow the family to be the focus of the photos. Light, pastel colors are great for outdoor sessions, such as at the beach or in a field of flowers. And an extra tip – if you are ever stuck planning out a cohesive color palette for your family to wear, check out Design Seed. There are hundreds of gorgeous palettes to choose from. It is an excellent resource if you have a hard time figuring out what colors go together.

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Lace and gauze fabrics - Spring Photography Inspirations - What to wear

4. Light Fabrics
After such a long, cold winter most people are happy to shed their heavy sweaters in favor of light weight fabrics for spring and summer. Think along the lines of lace, gauze dresses and sheer fabrics. Especially when paired with light, pastel colors, these fabrics can help add a softness and warmness to your family photos. These are perfect fabrics for the ladies of the family!

Patterns and Textures in spring photography - What to Wear!?

5. Spring Texture and Patterns
During our Fall Fashion Inspiration post I mentioned using textures to build depth into your photos. The same principle applies to spring and summer photos. Instead of using chunky sweaters, tweed and heavy denim you can use flower prints, light weight chambray and lace. Layers still work during the warm months, and texture (no matter how light colored or light weight) in your clothing will help add an extra dimension to your family photos. And don’t forget about jewelry, headbands and shoes!

What are you planning on wearing for your spring family photos? Share with us in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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