Tailgating 2.0


Our first Tailgate post was so much fun we decided to come back for more! Whether you are watching the game from your couch, the backyard or literally tailgating in a parking lot or field, here are some must-haves to have on hand…


TCU Roadie Cups

No self-respecting Tailgator doesn’t have appropriate Roadie Cups at the ready. These “Home” & “Away” cups show that you are ready to cheer your team on whether you are in your own parking lot or at an away game supporting your team.


Broncos Tailgate Toss

When you’re at the stadium Tailgating there is a lot of waiting around for the game to start. This bean bag toss game is perfect to keep you busy & the kids occupied while the burgers are cooking & you’re in pre-game mode. I’ve always loved this game & it never fails to bring out the kid in all of us when it’s around.



Boise State Broncos Auto Flag

It’s always fun to see cars on the freeway headed to the game with their flags waving proudly. Show your team allegiance all season with this great accessory & when you arrive on game day it’s also helpful to have this on your car as it makes it easier to find in the parking lot too: BONUS!


Denard Robinson Replica Jersey

Nothing shows your Team Pride more than wearing an authentic jersey on Game Day. Whether you choose your favorite player or do a custom jersey with your own name on it, you can’t go wrong when you show up to watch the game in your favorite team uniform (if you’re a die- hard fan be sure to get one for both home & away games…).



Sausage Trunk

Professional Tailgaters pay attention: this gourmet treat is a surefire way to up your game this season, wow! This sausage selection from Taste Trunk is amazing, unique and would definitely send your taste buds into overtime, yummy!


Baylor Tervis

You might remember from our last tailgate post that we are HUGE fans of Tervis Tumblers & I literally do not leave home without mine in tow. This water bottle version is great to tote to/from your game(s) & it’s easy to hold with just one finger or tuck into your bag & best of all the way they are designed, they won’t leak!


Browns Snack Helmet

This is a little “old school” but seriously, how fun is this… chips & treats out of a helmet, kitschy but oh so FUN!


Ducks Party Pack

Instant party! This party pack gets your scene decorated right off the bat & makes it easy to entertain & show your team pride. Plates & napkins are the easiest way to get the party started & this pack is awesome.


Bears BBQ Set

Having this setup at your Tailgate is an awesome way to flip burgers & show your pride at the same time. This would also be a great host/hostess gift too for your favorite fanatic, just sayin!


Roll Tide Tissues

I admit, I’m a tissue snob. I love having Swankie tissues on hand & in all honesty I didn’t know they came in collegiate teams until writing this post (I might have a few fun goodies in my Christmas stocking this year…). Whether you win or lose these tissues would be so fun to have on hand in order to dry your eyes be it from a loss or just a really long allergy season.



Junk in the Trunk

Taste Trunk goodie pack #2…. This one is called “Junk in the Trunk” & although I could have chosen it on name alone it contains so many yummy goodies that it’s perfect for your favorite “gourmet” tailgate host or hostess. The dessert selection is delish & would be the perfect thing to have on hand before heading over to the game.


Lions Cooler with Wheels

Cool refreshing beverages are a must-have (especially early on in the season when it’s still so HOT). This awesome cooler on wheels is easy to fill & tote along as you go through the parking lot or maybe you even want to keep it near the couch should you be home to watch the game instead. Either way, this baby will come in handy year round


Gator Decals

You’ve got to pimp your ride if you are a fan. This selection gives you an idea of the variations available & in my opinion you just can’t be a real fan unless you’re willing to show it. These clings don’t adhere permanently, but this variety gives you the option to share them with other members of your family so that you can spread the love!

If you have a moment, we would like to know what are your all-time favorite Tailgating items?

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