10+ Burgers to Grill

It’s starting to warm up and soon the kids will be out of school.  Summer is right around the corner and that means its time to fire up the grill!  I love this time of year because most of our dinner time cooking is done outside on the grill.  That means less cooking and dishes for this momma!  Plus, who doesn’t love a juicy grilled burger?  Burgers are my absolute favorite, so I’ve rounded up 10 plus burgers to grill this summer!

Southwest Chipotle Burger - Oh I love this spicy one! YUM!

1./ Southwest Chipotle Burger // I love avocado so I am all over this delicious looking burger!

Chicken Fajita Cheeseburger - Mmmm doesn't that look amazing?

2./ Chicken Fajita Cheeseburger // It’s like two meals in one, all done on the grill!

Caprese Burger with basil and mozzerella - Fresh and delicious looking!

3./ Caprese Burger // Fresh Mozzarella and basil fill this burger with flavor!

Brew burger - unusual but awesome way to dress up your hamburger!

4./ Brew Burger // If the name doesn’t get you, the picture of that cheese will!

Merlot Onion Burger - So good!

5./ Merlot Onion Burger // Instead of brew, try a burger with wine in it!

California Burrito Burger - So yummy and west coast

6./ California Burrito Burger // A fun twist on a classic burger!

Extra cheesy Spicy Bacon Ranch burger. You had me at extra cheese!

7./ Extra Cheesy Spicy Bacon Ranch Burger // This burger had me at extra cheese, and brought it home with the bacon!

In and Out Copycat Burger. Oh this huge burger looks amazing! #copycat #recipe

8./In-N-Out Copycat Burger // I’ve never had an In-N-Out burger, but this looks divine!

Guinness burger. Doesn't that look amazing? Easy to make too!

9./ Guinness Burger // Guinness and onion rings?  I’m in!

BBQ Hawaiian Burger - Sweet and savory at the same time!

10./ BBQ Hawaiian Burger // This is one of my favorite burgers!  The pineapple gives it so much flavor.

Stuffed Cheese Pesto Burger - Oh my gosh, a stuffed burger...that looks SO good!

11./ Cheese Stuffed Pesto Burger // Who doesn’t love an easy stuffed burger?

Big Mac Cake - perfect dessert for a BBQ party.

 How about a Big Mac Cake// This one you can’t throw on the grill, but how fun would it be to have at a BBQ?

Hamburger-Hamburger cupcake dessert idea - perfect for summer parties!-2906

Or maybe a hamburger cupcake is more your speed? // These little guys are sure to impress everyone around the grill!

Now you have a few tough choices to make.  First, which delicious burger to grill and second, which sweet burger treat to make!  No matter which one you choose, you are sure to be the hero of the grill this summer!

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