10 Sweet Ideas for Easter Peeps

There’s something about those brightly colored, sugar coated marshmallow puffs called Peeps that make us smile. For generations, Peeps have been popping up every year around Easter time to adorn our baskets. They’ve always been a staple Easter candy in my home. What about yours??

Today I’ve gathered 10 Sweet Ideas for Easter Peeps that go beyond the basket.

Peeps Cupcakes
/1/ Peeps Cupcakes – These brightly colored cupcakes will gain the attention of every child, young and old.


DIY Easter Peeps Idea
/2/ Chocolate Bird’s Nest Cookies – Chewy chocolate coconut macaroons are shaped into cute little bird’s nests to create a one-of-a-kind treat for Easter.


Easter Peeps Bunny Truffles
/3/ Bunny Truffles – Did somebody say truffles? Oh my! These two treats are just screaming our name!!


Easter Peep Ideas
/4/ Peeps Sunflower Cake – This kind of steps away from the traditional “Easter” sense of Peeps…and I like it! The Sunflower totally gives purpose for the Peeps you will find on clearance after the holiday. That’s a WIN!


Easter Peeps Recipe Ideas
/5/ Star Wars Peeps Cupcakes – I mean, these may take you a little time to make. But, if you’re a Star Wars fan I believe you’ll gladly make these for your friends and family.


Easter Peeps Recipe Idea
/6/ Peeps Brownie Pops – These are so easy to make AND would be cute wrapped in cellophane for kids to pass out to their classmates at their Easter parties at school.

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Easter Peeps Drink Recipe Idea
/7/ S’More Peeps Shake – I would like to leave this at just…YUM!


Easter Peeps Fun Recipe
/8/ Peeps S’Mores – Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows make up the delicious treat we call S’Mores. It just makes sense to replace that boring white marshmallow with a bright, colorful Peep!


Easter Peep Recipe
/9/ 6-Layer Coconut Covered Chocolate Peeps Cake – Try saying that three times fast! I’d like to think that if you brought this to the Easter party you’re invited to that you’ll be guaranteed a repeat invite. Just sayin’.


DIY Easter Peep
/10/ DIY Giant Marshmallow Peep – So, you love marshmallow? Those traditional Peeps just aren’t big enough for your marshmallow craving? Build your own GIANT Marshmallow Peep! For real. You’re welcome. :o)


Which is your favorite Easter Peeps idea?? I can’t wait to hear which one {or three} you chose to make for your family and friends!




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