10 Back to School Must Haves for College this Fall

Whether you are headed out for your Freshman or Senior year in college here are some of the musts haves to maintain your sassy & stylish study skills this year!

I am a BIG fan of pencil cases. I honestly don’t know how anyone can keep pens or pencils loose in their backpacks or handbags without using a pencil case, it’s just fraught with disaster should the pen leak or when the lead of the pencil rubs against the interior of your bag, GASP! Pencil cases make all the difference AND it makes your writing utensils a lot easier to find. This kate spade new york case holds a few goodies inside too: small ruler, eraser, 2 bridge pencils & a pencil sharpener.


KSNY pencil case

I love Lilly Pulitzer, I honestly do. The spiral notebooks that they have created this year are just awesome & this large one is my favorite. The pattern is called Wild Confetti & it’s just as bright and wonderful in person as it is in the image below…


 Lilly Spiral

Okay, I’ll be honest… I actually squealed when I saw this at the NYC Stationary Show in May… it’s called an “Agenda Bonus Pack” which means it’s got stickers, pens & other goodies to help organize your Lilly Pulitzer Agenda. I use my phone to organize my calendar, but I’m putting this on my short list because of all the goodies inside, it’s just too cute to pass up!

Lilly-Pulitzer-Pencil-Pouch     2015-05-19 11.05.54-1

(I’m not kidding, I literally squealed…)

Lilly Agenda Bonus Pack


As an office organizer, I’m always looking for envelopes & files to keep paperwork in that’s practical yet stylish. This plastic folder is great for keeping research papers in order & it would also make it easy to find on your desktop or in your backpack. The envelope itself will protect your papers from being damaged once your final draft is ready to go & even better to hand it in fresh instead of dog-eared & torn up in transit.


 Bando pink plastic envelope

Sticky Notes are one of the most practical items any college girl should have on hand & these from KSNY add some style to an otherwise boring desk item. Whether you are leaving messages for your roommate or reminding yourself to not forget to call your mom, these sticky notes will come in handy!


KSNY sticky notes


Whether you pledge a sorority or not, this calendar is a great way to organize your week. Breaking tasks down is always the preferred way to get bigger projects done without feeling so overwhelmed & doing a little each day is a much better solution than waiting until the last minute.


http://www.swoozies.com/product/288859 – desk calendar

I don’t know how any student could live without one of these ID Card/Keychain gizmos. Whether you keep your ID on a lanyard or with your keys like this it’s very important to keep them together & with you at all times (make a note by your dorm room door reminding you to take your keys so you don’t get locked out…it always helped me)!


 Vera Bradley ID Keychain


This KSNY pen set is awesome & very classy. You could definitely bust your roomies if they “borrowed” a pen from you & didn’t give it back since these are so unique, fun & decidedly yours!


KSNY pen set


Hands down Agendas are THE item that girls are going to be taking back to school with them. Whether they are in high school or college both Lilly Pulitzer and kate spade new york brands are extremely popular & likely to sell out sooner rather than later so don’t wait, order yours ASAP!


Lilly Large Agenda


Here are a few of the Kate Spade New York Agenda options this year:


KSNY agendas


The items I’ve chosen are not only fun but practical too. Back to School shopping for school supplies was always my favorite thing to do when I was young & I enjoyed it with my kids when they were growing up too. Now that there are so many cute & fun options it’s got to make studying a little bit more fun (at least this is what I try to tell my daughter when she gets frustrated & overwhelmed). Enjoy!

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