10 Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen in a Snap!

A new year brings with it a fresh sense of wanting to have everything organized. The kitchen, the bathroom, the closets…they all need a bit of organizing. Sometimes we just get overwhelmed with all that we have and it can ruin a good day. What if the case is, you don’t have too much stuff, it just needs to be properly organized?  Today, I bring you a bunch of ideas to organize your KITCHEN. Put these great ideas to use and you’ll never again wonder where the slotted spoon is!

ideas to organize your kitchen/1/ The Pantry – Have you ever come home from the grocery store, put everything away, and later that day go to look for the can of soup you just bought? Not anymore, my friend. When you organize your pantry like the one above, you’ll never search for the lost can of soup again!

Kitchen Organization for every home

/2/ Drink Station – A great majority of us enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Having an organized drink station {or beverage center} for all of your cream, sugar and toppings is a wonderful idea!

kitchen organization/3/ Cutting Board Holder – Having a place in the cupboard for everything, even your cutting boards, makes for a very organized cupboard.

DIY kitchen organization ideas

/4/ Upcycled Utensil Holders – Who knew turning a coffee can into a utensil holder could be so useful…and pretty!

kitchen organization

/5/ Under the Sink Storage – If you keep your cleaning supplies under the sink, you probably search for longer than needed to find the one cleaner you’re looking for. This idea is brilliant for keeping all of your spray cleaners where you can see them.

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ideas to organize your kitchen

/6/ No-Slip Dish Towels – Those pesky dish towels, constantly falling off of the oven door, with only a couple of supplies they’ll stay put. This idea is brilliant!

ideas to organize the kitchen

/7/ Repurposed Magazine Rack – Are these items taking up an entire drawer in your kitchen? Utilize the free space under your cabinet with a repurposed magazine rack.

ideas for kitchen organization

/8/ Cake Stand Soap and Sponge Display – A pet-peeve of mine is the sponge always falling into the sink…where it inevitably stays wet. This repurposed cake stand idea is perfect! Tip: Check your local thrift stores for a second hand cake stand.

Kitchen Organization Ideas

/9/ Mason Jar Soap Dispenser – The Mason jar, a timeless classic. It’s gone from canning jar to drinking glass, loose change holder to soap dispenser. Learn how to make your own in this tutorial.

ideas for kitchen organization

/10/ Kitchen Command Center – Eliminate the clutter on your countertops with a kitchen command center. Each family member can have their own inbox, a calendar will keep you always informed and your favorite recipes will always be within reach.

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