Crafty Modern Mobile for Your Nursery

I spotted this pin when I first got pregnant and knew that I wanted to make a mobile like it for our gender neutral nursery. We decorated our nursery to the theme of ‘You are my sunshine…when clouds are grey’, painting the walls grey and having yellow, black, and white accents.

We decided to hang this mobile over the glider, but it would have also looked great over the changing table or the crib!

Even though it’s a tedious and time consuming project, it was so fun to recreate a ‘pin’ from pinterest in real life. I think this mobile completes the room!

Luckily, I recruited an army of women (a.k.a. my mother and sisters) to help me out with this project. We knocked it out in one afternoon!

I hope you like it and find a fun place to hang your mobile for the nursery!

Crafty Modern Mobile


  • 3 four or five inch foam balls
  • 3-3.5 yards of yellow, black, and gray fabric
  • LOTS of quilting pins (I think I used around 1000.)
  • pencil
  • white wine glass or cup to trace about a 2.5″ inch circle
  • fabric scissors
  • 1 round 8″-10″ foam wreath
  • 10-14 yards of black satin ribbon
  • hook for ceiling


  1. Trace circles from the wine glass on the fabric. Cut out and set aside.
  2. Pin the circles into the foam balls, keeping them very close together. Sometimes, I even folded the circles in quarters after sticking the pin in, then stuck it to the ball.
  3. Attach the ribbon to the top of the foam balls. 
  4. Attach the ribbon from the balls onto the foam wreath.
  5. Cover the wreath with the ribbon.
  6. Tie ribbon in three spots on the wreath, then tie the three strands in a knot at the top.
  7. Then tie another strand of ribbon onto that knot, to hook it on the hook from the ceiling. You can also skip this step and just hang the mobile on the hook from step six.
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    This mobile is too cute! But is anyone else worried about pins possibly falling out and into the baby’s crib? Is it only pins securing the fabric to the balls and the balls to the ribbon?

    • 3

      Thanks Laura! I wasn’t worried about the pins falling out. The pins are pretty long and once pushed into the foam ball, they stick quite well…so much so that it would take long fingernails to pry them out. I also didn’t hang the balls above the crib, but above our glider. If you’re worried, make sure there are plenty of pins and the ribbons are fully secured.