Create a Cozy Living Room


Creating a warm and cozy living room isn’t just for fall and winter evenings, having an inviting space that you and your family enjoy spending time in, will be something you’ll cherish all year long.

The following are four easy ways to create a space your family will love.


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An obvious go to for creating a warm space is throws.  Collect different colours and textures, pulling warms tones and thicker knits for cooler months and lighter, brighter options for warm nights.  I love throwing them over sofas or side chairs for added texture, but housing them in a basket is a great too.


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Instantly cozy up a space with toss pillows.  Again choose warm tones for cooler months and lighter tones for summer and spring.  Is there anything better than cuddling up amongst  a collection of fluffy pillows?  Don’t be afraid to layer pillows and throws, doing so adds texture and depth to a space, always a good thing.



When I think about cozying up, the first thing that comes to mind is books.  Fill shelves with your favorite reads or style the coffee table with books of your favorite travel spots.  Books create intimate and quiet retreats, the perfect place to rest and relax.

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Most importantly, don’t take things to seriously.  Have fun decorating your space, let it be a reflection of you and your family and all your quirks.  Be sure to include photos and elements that represent your family – is Friday night board game night?  Then display your collection or house game pieces in a bowl on the coffee table.  Do you love watching movies together?  Why not frame posters of some of your favorite movies and display them.  Nothing is more inviting than a space with character and whimsy.

How do you cozy up your living room? I’d love to hear!

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