Easy Patriotic Wreath {a tutorial}

Fourth of July Wreath DIY Tutorial with Burlap and Ribbon

Summertime is easily my most favorite time of year to decorate.  The color combination of red, white and blue are so festive…and make me so proud to be an American!  Of course, it only makes sense to start decorating from the outside so our guests feel welcomed before they even ring the doorbell.  This Easy Patriotic Wreath is going to look great on your front door! {Did I mention it’s easy?}

A couple of months ago I shared with you a Simple Spring Wreath tutorial. Do you remember that we used no hot glue? There was actually no glue whatsoever. All of our tulle was secured with straight pins. So, go ahead, go grab that old Spring Wreath off of your front door, remove all of the chevron tulle and flowers and let’s reuse the wreath form and burlap ribbon. That’s right! We can eliminate storing the spring wreath and save some money by reusing some of what we already have. Win!

You will need to gather a few supplies. {Everything you see on my wreath came from Michael’s.}

  • a wreath form {or use your Spring Wreath form}
  • a spool of burlap ribbon {or just leave what was already on your Spring Wreath form}
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • ribbon and/or tulle
  • sparkly star garland
  • a flag spray

Patriotic Wreath step one

/1/ Place your spray where you’d like it and then wrap the ribbon around the wreath form.  You can then secure it with a straight pin.


Patriotic Wreath step two

/2/ Next, wrap your sparkly star garland around your wreath form.  Again, secure with a straight pin.

Patriotic Wreath step three

Securing with a straight pin truly does work!

Fourth of July Wreath Step Four - Add a Bow

/3/ Make a bow with ribbon and/or tulle and simply attach with, you guessed it, a straight pin.

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Patriotic Wreath finished

/4/ Go hang your wreath on your front door for all the world to see!  Well, at least your neighbors and passersby.

Isn’t this such a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle?  And you’re saving space in your closet or attic, too.

I can’t wait to see the patriotic wreath you create with this tutorial!  Will you share your finished creation with us on our Facebook page?

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