Emergency Preparedness 101

Emergency Preparedness: Dramatic events occur year round so we thought it was a good time to stop and remind our readers to consider their plans and supplies should Emergency strike. On the East coast we have been slammed by some pretty big storms in the past few years so we’ve unfortunately dealt with the loss of power, water, etc. first hand & I’m hoping that our knowledge might help you should you be without some of the things we take for granted every day.

I firmly believe that if you are prepared then most likely nothing will happen (it’s that guy Murphy and his law…). However, that doesn’t mean that I’ve got a stockpile of canned goods and water filling up a closet in my basement like the families on “Extreme Couponing”. Instead, I keep battery-powered lanterns, a “wind up” radio along with a first aid kit, water and some cereal bars in the front hall closet. When there is an imminent storm I’ll also be sure to get a little extra cash out of the ATM and have a full tank of gas should we need to head out of town in a hurry.

The Red Cross puts out an amazing selection of First Aid Kits & they are for sale on Amazon. This would be the very least that you should have on hand. I keep a first aid kit in my car & then we have a small one in our front hallway for emergencies & then a few first aid items in our closet upstairs too in case someone needs a band aid.


First Aid Kit:






Two people 3 Day Backpack:

Having a first aid kit is essential but I don’t think you can ever be too prepared. This Backpack from Ready America will take care of 2 people for 3 days & it’s ready to grab & go if there is an emergency. There is drinking water, masks, rubber gloves, whistle, etc. & should there be a life-threatening emergency I can assure you that these items could literally save your life.  I don’t think that you should just purchase this & assume that you are all taken care of, however. You must also consider the following:

Do you have cash in case ATM’s are shut down?

Is your gas tank full should you need to hit the road suddenly?

Are your medications secure & up to date?

Do you have food & water for your pets too?

Baby food or formula?

Chargers for phones?

Another thing that I remember needing more of during our last power outage was wanting to have more paper plates, forks, etc. at the ready. If there is a water issue & you can’t do dishes it’s best to have disposable dishes handy too. Don’t forget your can opener either, just sayin’!


Crank flashlight:


Now, this isn’t nearly enough should a real emergency occur but it is more than a lot of people have so I wanted to set the bar low hoping that it might motivate some of you to get your family prepared. Another important point is that you should be sure that your family knows where these “emergency” supplies are in case you aren’t home and the power goes out one night. A babysitter won’t know but the kids will which can save certain anxiety in your house while you’re gone.

The overall point is to have the necessary things should the power go out, a tree fall on your house (heaven forbid) or you have to evacuate. It is always better to be safe than sorry, I’m going to fill up a few extra water bottles!

What is your emergency plan?


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