Football Tailgate in Style!


Starting in early August it isn’t unusual to hear me humming the well-known Holiday Song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.  Mom’s usually like this time of year because it’s Back to School & our regularly scheduled programming but I like having my kids (college & high school aged) around so BTS is bittersweet, it’s my favorite time of year because it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!

I enjoy hosting Football get-togethers but I also want to be able to actually watch the game rather than fussing over food, beverages, etc. so I tried to choose some items that would allow you to do the same. Worst case, I’ve got 2 rules:

  1. Help yourself
  2. If you cheer for the other team, you’ve got to sit on the floor!

Enjoy my picks from Swoozies & enjoy the game the next time you share your couch (or your floor) with your friends.


Georgia Party Bowl

You’ll never go wrong with a simple bowl at your next Tailgate Soirée. This 14.5 oz. beauty is perfect for chips & hearty dips and shows your Team Pride. (If you are looking for great ideas to FILL this bowl click here to see some of our great Dip recipes…)


Gridiron Tray

This 18” x 13” Gridiron Tailgate Tray is perfect for any game this season. When it isn’t serving your favorite goodies it can stay out on display behind your stovetop & get you excited for Game Day all week long! This tray is perfect when you cheer on multiple teams but in case you want something more personalized you’ll love my next pick…


Alabama Melamine Tray

This tray is similar in size to the one I suggested before & at 17.5” x 11” it’s a great way to show your Spirit. It would be fantastic to bring out burgers or hot dogs on this beauty and your friends will know that you take your team seriously when you do!

Penalty Flag

Penalty Flag Napkins

I loved these cocktail napkins when I saw them, so cute! Have you ever been tempted to throw something at the TV after a bad call? I admit: I definitely have so this would be a fabulous way to protect my television from certain sidelining injury in case I feel the need to throw something next time. Crumple one (or a few of these) up & throw them with abandon, I’ve got your back!

Longhorn Veggie Tray

Longhorn Veggie Tray

No party is a party without various options for your guests. This divided tray is great for veggies with a simple dip in the middle. It’s easy to clean up once the game is over and it’ll be ready for next week!


TCU Roadie Cups 

Whether you win or lose it’s how easy the party is to clean up that determines if you host again. These 16 oz. disposable cups (they can also be re-used if you’d prefer) are a great addition to your soirée. They are great to use all week long too so don’t just save them for Game Day!


Wooden Football Plaque

Prove you aren’t in your Rookie season anymore with this fabulous wooden plaque. It measures 18” x 26” and can be spray painted to coordinate either with your house or your favorite team. What a great way to set the tone from when someone walks into your home & show your Allegiance throughout the season!


Gridiron Disposable Bowl

I’m a huge fan of these disposable bowls for entertaining & purchase them whenever I can so that I’ve got them on hand when friends show up at the door. Whether your team wins or loses easy cleanup is essential after cheering them on throughout the game & these make it super easy to relax while hosting because you know that cleanup won’t be too much work.


Collegiate Tervis Tumblers

We are HUGE fans of our 24 oz. Tervis Tumblers in this family. We’ve got several different teams and variations & we use them daily. They are dishwasher safe (huge bonus) & are perfect for daily use. There are also coordinating lids (sold separately) that make travel & tailgating easy, these are always a win/win!


Tailgate Tote

The Professional Organizer in me can’t help but suggest these awesome 21″ x 11″ x 13.5″ totes. Keeping everything in one place is essential to stay organized and when you’ve got these beauties it’s so easy to setup for your next party. Whether you take it on the road or you’re hosting from your couch these will hold your game day gear in style. Custom options are available too so Monogram away!


Game Face Roadie Cup

Whether it’s the NFL or NCAA, football, basketball or LAX, you can use these all year long while cheering on your team. This set of 10 cups can keep your family happy on the road or the couch & I’m a firm believer that you really can’t ever have enough Roadie cups!

UNC Party Bucket

Party Bucket

Okay, as Keith Jackson used to say about the Michigan/Ohio State games, this beauty just might be the “Granddaddy of them all”! I’ll be honest, I’m not sure you can call yourself a real Tailgator unless you’ve got one of these babies stashed somewhere. Pop some beverages of your choice in there, throw some ice on the top & you’ve got a party, what’s better (and easier) than that?!

Hopefully, some of these ideas resonate with you as we gear up towards the upcoming football season. I know I’ve got my eye on a few “upgrades” so hopefully you do too, enjoy!

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