How to Creatively Fill a Large, Blank Wall on a Budget

I went and bought 1- 1×4 and 1 1×2 at Home Depot. Then I got to work. I already had the 2 top floating shelves in my home in another room. But the bottom shelf I made bigger. I wanted to be able to layer pictures and such.

1. You need to cut 2 pieces of 1×4, and 1 piece of 1×2 to whatever length you want the shelf. I cut mine to 48″.

2. The back and bottom of the shelf are the 1×4’s and the front lip is the 1×2. It’s the shape of an “L”.

3. Because the wood is so skinny I prefer to use nails. I use my trusty Gorilla wood glue to put the pieces together one at a time. Then I clamp them together while I nail them together. I use 1 nail per 18″and use 2″ nails. I also use my nail gun but if you don’t have one it’s not a big deal. If you’re going to hold a lot on the shelf you can reinforce each shelf with finishing nails to reinforce it.

4. I always make sure the front lip is covering the bottom. It looks nicer and more finished that way. You can look in the picture to see what I mean.

5. Then I used a can of black Krylon paint I had already to spray them down. It only took me one can for all three shelves but this is black so it may take two depending on your color, the vibrancy and how many shelves.

6. Personally for this I didn’t seal them since I’m not sure if I want to distress them. You can use a regular poly sealer or I use a can of paint sealer since it dries faster and it’s such a small job.

7. I used 2″ black screws to put each shelf into the wall. Make sure that you hit 2 studs ideally, especially if you’re putting more weight on them other than pictures. I hit one stud since 2 of mine are only 3 feet long and I’m using lightweight items.

8. Don’t forget to use a level when screwing them in especially when they get long you’d hate to have to redo it all.

Ta Da! When I got them set up, I went shopping around my home for items I wanted to display and that would look great. It has my photos, and my verses and favorite quotes at the bottom which help with little children who are learning to read.

I’m also loving that for Valentines Day I can add garland or switch out pictures or decor. It’ll be fun to see what different seasonal decor I can come up with for my new wall decor.


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