Interior Design Tips for Small Space Entertaining

Go Ahead and Entertain in that Small Space!

Living in a small home shouldn’t prevent one from inviting friends and loved ones over to share meals and time together.  With a tad of planning and creativity, entertaining in a small space can be just as satisfying and fun of an experience as when you are living large.

Furniture Is For Moving

Rethink your furniture arrangement ; can things be shifted for the party to better suit the event?  The way you live with your furniture on a day-to-day basis doesn’t need to be how things are set up for when you are entertaining.  Consider  freeing up floor space for people to mingle about, and create conversation areas for groups of two or three to cluster. Stash furniture you want out of the way in bedrooms; this makes a great spot to put the coats and purses of your guests.

Create Hover Zones

Arrange appetizers and beverages in at least three different places, for example:  dining table, cocktail table, and kitchen counter.  This will create a few spots around which your guests will mingle and prevent too much congestion in any one area. Don’t be afraid to re-purpose items for the evening to suit this purpose.  For example, a mantle is a wonderful place for people to prop an elbow while conversing; stack a few coasters and some finger food there to encourage this.

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Improvise With Kitchen Counter Space

If your guests would like to hang out with you in the kitchen but space is tight, consider investing in a couple of counter-height bar stools.  Even if you don’t have a built-in eating bar, a stool pulled up to the counter gives your guests a place to relax while chatting with you.

If your counter space is accessible from the dining or living areas in the form of an island or peninsula, use it to store plates, silverware and glasses as well as food when serving buffet-style.  This clears up valuable table real estate on dining tables, leaving room for space-enhancing decor.

Reflect Upon Reflections

It’s very common to have mirrors in dining rooms; the “multiplying” of food bounty is considered good luck in many cultures.  The added bonus in a small space is that mirrors visually open up any room, creating the illusion of space. Don’t relegate the mirrors to the wall…place on on the table in lieu of a runner to scatter flattering candle light on you and your guests.  Candle stands and vases in reflective surfaces  also work wonders in making a small space feel more open.

Head Outdoors

If you have a patio, garden, or lawn…take the party outside!  Don’t have outdoor furniture for entertaining?  Be bold and haul your “real”furniture outside for the evening.  Few things feel more decadent than dining and lounging on solid, upholstered furniture while outside.  For more tips on creating an outdoor dining spaces, head over here.

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