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KBIS is the largest Kitchen and Bath Industry Show for 2016 located in Las Vegas, Nevada. #BlogTourKBIS

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We are super excited to announce that our Editor and Interior Designer, Deborah von Donop has been selected by Modenus to attend “ BlogtourKBIS”  in Vegas this January for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. BlogTour is proud to return for its fourth and largest design tour ever to KBIS,  in January 2016! This group will collectively offer insights to new and interesting products for your home, kitchen, and bath. This will be a great mix of information, commentary, and a new type of reporting on product introductions and reviews of the timeless classics- online.

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This is the largest Kitchen and Bath Industry show in the United States. Deborah will be offering insights and highlighting the newest and best products discovered at the largest show of the year for Designers and Architects.  To see new products for the Kitchen or Bath of your dreams, follow along as 24 designers discuss tips and ideas from the perspective of seasoned designers of the luxury home design around the United States.

You can follow Deborah on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest for these highlights and live coverage from the Kitchen and Bath Industry.




What is a Modenus Blogtour?  It is a group of top interior design bloggers selected to broadcast and share the newest products in the design industry.  The bloggers share their observations and delights with their readers.  We are bringing the products to the end user, other bloggers, designer, clients and consumers alike. We are honored that Deborah was selected to join this esteemed designers to attend this Modenus #BlogTourKBIS #designhounds.

Visit Modenus to learn more and to follow the top designers in the industry for this show.


Deborah von Donop
Interior Designer
Design Blogger at dvd Interior Design  –a residential interior design firm in Greenwich, CT. Deborah’s signature style is clean, comfortable, functional, and beautiful. Her spaces are characterized by fresh, modern touches that complement the classic style.

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Deborah von Donop About Deborah von Donop

Hello! Deborah is an Interior Designer for over 20 years and is the owner and publisher of Interiors Blog: dvdinteriordesign, a portfolio collection of design ideas and inspirations. You can see more here: Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

When she is not busy with her business, you will find her cheering her kids’ at sporting events, concerts and plays, camera in hand, and trying to get to the gym. She is blessed to be the wife of one, mom of three boys, and caretaker of a dog, two fish and a bunny!

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