No Mud Room…No Problem! Turn a Closet Into a Mini Mud Room


As anyone who lives in a snowy climate knows, mud rooms are essential. If your house doesn’t have a mudroom here’s a great idea. Ingenuity to the rescue! Try converting a coat closet into a mini mud room. This doesn’t eliminate any storage, and may actually make the space more usable.

Steps to create a coat-closet mini mud room:

  • To add charm, try lining the space with bead board.
  • Add hooks for coats and bags.
  • Add a bench, but leave a cubby at the bottom for a basket to hold shoes.
  • Don’t have the perfect basket? Use a laundry basket – they’re easy to clean!
  • This particular cushion was made with an old crib mattress – cut it in half using an electric carving knife and cover in fabric. (What? You don’t have an old crib mattress laying around? Foam pads can be purchased at most fabric stores.)
  • For a family with children, try adding fun tags to clarify whose space is whose.
  • Throw in a basket for mittens and hats and you’re finished!

What do you think?



  1. 6

    I love this! How did you remove the door jamb to create a smooth look inside the door frame?

  2. 7

    this is amazing. if only i owned my house :).. someday 🙂

  3. 8

    This is perfect. I love the whole idea I have a mudroom but need 2! Thanks for posting this I am ready to tackle a project.

  4. 9

    Loving it!! How cute is that?
    Something that I will remember for clients.

  5. 10

    Love it….great idea.

  6. 11

    What a great idea! That area looks gorgeous.