St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

Hey y’all!  Are you feeling lucky yet?  It’s almost Saint Patrick’s day and things are starting to turn green around here.  We love to decorate for the holidays and Saint Patrick’s day is no exception.

Saint patricks decor ideas

It’s going pretty slow, the only thing that I have up right now is our burlap clover leaf door hanger.  I need more St. Patrick’s day decor ideas!  Do you too?  Here are 10 plus ideas that will help both of us turn up the green in our homes!


1. // Blarney wreath // I love how simple this is!  Plus, you can never have too many wreaths, right?

2. // Homemade napkin rings // Such a cute idea for a festive table!

St. Patrick's Day Specimen Art

3. // Specimen Art // Love that the kids can help with this easy decor idea!

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4. // St. Patrick’s Vignette // A whole vignette full of green ideas!  Gotta love that!


5. // Shamrock Tea Towel // An easy and super cute idea on how to decorate the kitchen a bit!


6. // Rainbow pom-poms // These are too cute!  I would want them up all year long!

Lucky to Have Friends Printable

7. // Best Friend Print // I love that you can print this out, frame it and put it anywhere around the house!


8. // Leprechaun Trap // How fun would this be to have in the house during St. Patrick’s day?  My kids would love it!

9. // Shamrock Suncatchers // Another fun decor idea that the kids can help make!

10. // St. Patrick’s Day Banner // This would look perfect over our fireplace!

St Patrick's day chalkboard  art 8 x 10
11. // Chalkboard print // Another adorable print that you can place anywhere around the house!


12. // Luck of the Irish wreath // Like I said, you can never have too many wreaths!  And this one is just so cute!

So my question for you is – what St. Patrick’s decor idea are you going to use to make your house green this month?  Feel free to leave your answer on our Facebook wall!  And be sure to check out our 9 fun and easy St. Patrick’s day crafts for kids!

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