Stay Positive – 10 Ways to Keep Motivated!

Trying something new is hard.  Whether it’s a diet,  starting your own business, changing a habit, or maybe learning a new sport, there are some days that are great and some that are, well, challenging.  It’s important to remember to push through when you hit a rough patch.

10 Ways to Keep Motivated

Sometimes inspiration comes in the most unexpected places.  I found a bookmark with these tips tucked into a book I purchased at a used book sale. Written by The Bureau For At-Risk Youth, the points outlined are simple, and the advice relatable. Think about these the next time you need a little extra encouragement.

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10 Ways To Keep Motivated

  1. Realize that mistakes are opportunities to learn.
  2. Know that you CAN make a difference.
  3. Dream – and make your dreams become your reality.
  4. Think I CAN, not I can’t.
  5.  Attitude is everything – make yours positive.
  6. Stop worrying and start enjoying your life.
  7. Set realistic goals and go for them.
  8. Don’t look back at the bad times – focus on the future.
  9. Be proud of the things you do well.
  10.  Give yourself plenty of praise and reward yourself for your everyday successes.

Not only are these a good message for you, but the kids in your life..  What advice would you add to this list?

What do you think?