Ultimate College Shopping List!


Last year I sent my eldest off to school & so I reached out to some current college students to ask them what items they couldn’t live without. This comprehensive list is a great start to the process & it should hopefully make the task a little easier (maybe even a little fun), enjoy!

College Checklist - BD

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As you can see it is packed full of goodies from Lilly Pulitzer & kate spade new york to items you can find at Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Kmart, HomeGoods, etc. I love the “move in day essentials” which include a rubber mallet for pounding your bed together (or the futon you bought for your common room) as well as the tape measure & screw driver. I know that a few of the girls I spoke too couldn’t have done it without their collapsible hand truck… who knew!

We came equipped with my Pink Tomboy Toolkit & had my power drill charged & ready to go. The other items listed that our family would suggest as a must have would definitely be:

  • You can’t have enough command strips
  • Extra dry erase pens with erasers on the cap (separate erasers always disappear)
  • Vacuum: we brought the Electrolux Chargeable with detachable dust buster attachment & Jordan loved it (along with most everyone on her floor)
  • Clear storage bins – we love our Lilly collapsible bins but as always with organizing anything I always suggest CLEAR bins so that you can easily see what is in them and they can be swapped out for other things when you purge, etc. without feeling like you need to re-label anything.

I hope you find this helpful, we sure had a fun time moving Jordan in last year although it was bittersweet more than anything. She is in school in Ohio & I cried all the way across Pennsylvania on our way back home to Connecticut. We survived & I know you will too.

Who is sending theirs off to school in the next few weeks? I’d LOVE to hear from you & what you might add to our super cute list!

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