Valentine’s Decorations for Romantic Atmosphere

Romance = Love + Atmosphere . If you want to bump up the romantic quotient of your home?  It’s an easy equation…

You already have the love in your home, so all you need to do is add the right atmosphere.

But how do you achieve this romantic atmosphere?   The following suggestions will get you on your way:

Valentine's Day Decor - Familiar can be beautiful!

  • Red roses, candles, candies.  They are the obvious, of course.  But don’t avoid them just because they aren’t original…decorating with these staples scattered around your home is a nod to tradition.

Valentine's Day Decor - Temporary but meaningful decorations

  • Chalk it up.  Or flour it up.  Or sugar. Or…  Decorations don’t need to be permanent objects…a rock garden adorned with hand-drawn hearts is a loving touch, as is a platter with sugar (or flour) hand-poured in the shape of a heart (or use a cookie cutter for different effects), or drawn in a cappuccino’s froth.  The love is permanent, even if the decoration isn’t.

Valentine's Day Decor - Use monochromatic reds

  • Layer upon layer of RED.  Here’s a stylist secret…red is one of the most difficult colors to match exactly.  Ever try to find a red scarf that picks up perfectly the red of a blouse?  Invariably it’ll be off a wee bit…too yellow or too blue.  Use that to your advantage when decorating for Valentine’s Day and don’t worry about matching; a monochromatic red palette can be dynamic as no other color can!

Valentine's Day Decor - Dim the lights and add candles

  • Dim the lights.  Mood lighting shouldn’t be relegated to special evenings; try turning lights off not just when you leave a room, but while you’re still in it.  You’ll be surprised that, once your eyes are used to it, you actually don’t need as much electric illumination as you’re likely used to having.  Open up the blinds or curtains, and allow your rooms to be bathed in natural light, or romantic candlelight creating a calming and romantic feeling.

Valentine's Day Decor - Add creative and unexpected touches

  • Where they least expect it.  Nothing says love like an unexpected romantic display.  Add a floral bouquet in a child’s bedroom, change out the family’s computer wallpaper a Valentine’s Day theme, add some red or hand towels to your bathroom.  It’s about the big picture…and little details pack a wallop.

How are you decorating for a romantic home this Valentine’s Day?

What do you think?