4 Creative Photo Ideas for the Summer Months

4 Creative Photo Ideas for the Summer Months

Do you need some new photography ideas for the hot Summer months? Below are four photo ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you improve your photography skills:

Portrait of an Orchid Flower as a Creative Idea for Summer PhotographyFlower Portraits

Your local farmers market or floral store should provide a nice variety of blooms and foliage to use  in your photography shoot. Whenever possible, use natural light and white poster board or aluminum foil as an inexpensive reflector for shadows. Keep your background clutter-free and use a tripod, remote release and low ISO for the best floral photos.

Focused Perspective and Creative Summer PhotographyFocused Perspective

Focused perspective is a fun technique that “tricks” the viewer into believing that certain objects are smaller or larger than they really are. All you need to take a forced perspective photo is a camera, creativity, a willing accomplice and a little patience. You can shoot these optical illusions anywhere, especially when traveling or in your own home. Shooting in Aperture Priority and using a small aperture will extend the depth of field.

Creative Summer Photography and Portrait BacklightingPortrait Backlighting

A very flattering and favorite portrait technique is shooting subjects with the sun directly behind them. Your goal will be to create a glowing halo of light around them. To do this, position the model  so they are blocking most of the light, and focus on their face. Change your position to alter the amount of sun you capture in the frame.

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Street Photography and Creative Summer PhotographyStreet Photography

The best street photography requires you have an eye for detail and a sense of timing. Find a spot where you can sit, observe, and let the action come to you. Choose wide apertures or a higher ISOs for sharper images. Patience is your best friend with street photography. Look for great angles, light and have fun.

**All images used in this post were taken by Lucrecer Braxton**

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    Great tips Lucrecer! Never though to have a mini photo shoot at the farmers market or a flower shop, such a great idea! I may have to do that at some point this week. 🙂