5 Reasons to Color and Create with Your Kids!

5 Reasons to Color and CreateWith YourKids

Ah, the power of the great box of crayons and the ordinary act of coloring! Is there anything better than watching your children doodle and create. Coloring is not just a way to occupy the kiddos but also a great way to teach valuable lessons and so much more. Here’s what I have come up with as my top benefits to coloring:

Unleash Creativity


Whether it is a blank piece of paper or a coloring page, it’s a chance to get the creative juices flowing! An opportunity to see what you can make with your kids or to challenge them to create on their own. There’re no rules. No limits. Only a piece of paper as a starting point and then you choose your direction. Your kids will eventually even learn that they can map out a plan as they decide colors and the order.

Teach Valuable Lessons

Teach Life

As we sit down and doodle with our kids, it’s also a teachable moment. Print out coloring page about life – whether it’s good sportsmanship, being kind, holidays, science, nature or more. Here’s your opportunity to color with them and discuss valuable life lessons.

Cheap and Portable Entertainment (without Technology – GASP!)

A Portable


Just a few crayons can go a long way. Bring them in the car or store them in your purse. You can always find something to doodle on- a napkin, a plastic cup, a newspaper. The possibilities are endless. A great solution to the temper tantrum and a boredom and stress buster! Just an ordinary activity that can help children relax and be comfortable in all settings.

Improve Fine Motor Skills

Holding a crayon is a wonderful way to practice holding a writing tool the correct way and improving control. In fact, there are crayons now that help with the grip technique. Crayon Rocks are perfect! These cute little crayons help to strengthen the grip muscle to prepare fingers and hands for pen and pencil use.  Your child will master control and move from scribbling to coloring within the lines and then to coloring with the same strokes within the lines.

Promote A Sense of Accomplishment


I always love watching my daughter’s excitement after she completes the picture. She runs around and shows off her hard work to everyone in the house. Then we find a spot to showcase her work of the day. What a perfect “feel good” lesson!

 There are so many wonderful coloring books on the market and many different sites to find great downloadable coloring pages.

A Few of My Favorites!

Crayola Gigantic Color by Number by Brendan Inc
A 224- page activity book for ages 3 and up.

Let’s Color (Kuman First Steps) by Kuman
A great introduction to drawing for your youngsters. Little by little they show different techniques and offer challenges to build color confidence. Ages 2 and up.

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Coloring Book by Melissa Doug
Oversized sheets with lots of room for creativity. Ages 3 and up.

Lil’ Champs Play it SMART – Award-winning by Suzanne Wind
Here’s where I shamelessly promote my activity book to promote social skills and manners while doodling. A book that offers valuable life lessons while doodling with your parents. For ages 3 – 6.

And check out Crayola.com for an amazing selection of coloring pages for all ages.

Spend some time coloring with your children this weekend. Take your mind away from the stressful things in life and make a picture come to life!

We would love to hear your thoughts. What is your favorite part of coloring with your children? You can also check out our fun ” How to make personalized Coloring sheets” from your favorite photos for free.






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