8 DIY Blankets for Baby

8 DIY blankets for baby
When I had four children I never thought number five would be a possibility. I was certain all things baby were a thing of my past. If I made a baby item it would surely be for a gift or a client. Boy, was I wrong! I recently had baby number five and the world of onesies, diapers, pacifiers and, of course, baby blankets is back. That makes my heart SING!!

Although, I had nine months to prepare for this new baby and make her all sorts of handmade goodness I failed to make her even one something. Not even a burp cloth. Epic fail.

When I sat down to bring you this list of yummy {and easy!} baby blankets I became instantly inspired. They can all be done by a beginner and there’s something for all of us! Can you sew? There’s something for you. Can you crochet? I have something for you. You can’t sew or crochet? Girl, Google it! You can learn anything with Google. Ok, not a bunch of time to learn something new? There’s even an upcycled baby blanket that is done with stamps. Yep, you heard me, STAMPS!

Keep reading. Get inspired. If you aren’t expecting or have a new baby maybe you have a baby shower coming up. I can’t wait to see what you make!

diy chevron crochet baby blanket
/1/ Oh, Chevron you had me at hello. Chevron is HUGE right now. Make this crocheted blanket for baby or for you!

knit blanket

/2/ A baby blanket made from soft knits? It’s sure to be one of the softest blankets in the pile.

rag quilt
/3/ This rag quilt will look as though you’ve spent days working on it. This will be one of my next projects, for sure!

swaddling blanket
/4/ Swaddling blankets are new for me. I didn’t use them with my first four children. They can be pretty pricey in the store. Save yourself some cash and make them at home.

upcycled blanket
/5/ Do you have some swaddling blankets that need a face lift? Use this tutorial to give it new life.

bubble blanket
/6/ This blanket is FUN! I see lots of tummy time on those bubbles.

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pom pom blanket

/7/ Pre-made throw blankets can be inexpensive but boring. Buy one in a soft color, add some jumbo pom poms and give it to baby for a more luxurious blanket. Win!


minky blanket

/8/ With cooler months ahead this minky and cotton blanket is sure to keep baby warm.

What is your *go to* baby gift? Have I convinced you to give making a baby blanket a try? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Will you share with us on our Facebook page?

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Melissa lives in Florida with her husband and five kiddos. She writes about her family life at jonahbonah. When she isn’t chasing children you can find her behind her sewing machine or her camera. Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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    All this blanket are so cute! After reading this I would love to try and make a baby blanket. My favorites on here is the soft baby blanket and the one with the colorful balls. The color gives it that fun feel. I am not expecting but I have a lot of friends who just had babies so this would be a great gift.

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    Don’t do facebook so will share here. Hope that is ok. The favorite blanket I have received, and now give, is a double-sided flannel blanket. It is a full yard instead of the small infant size of boughten receiving blankets. It is also super easy to sew. The larger size is perfect for use as a nursing cover. It easily goes on with baby into toddler and even preschool years bringing sweet, soft comfort. For gifts, I like to make coordinating gift sets of washcloths/wipes/burp rags, denim bibs, and the flannel blankets. The washcloth/burp rag/wipes are a piece of flannel on one side with a terry cloth wash cloth on the other. After the flannel blankets, they are my favorite go to item with my own babies. Whatever I am needing, they do the job.